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A Winters Express opinion column

Gramps Says
Circumstances have made me more pedestrian than I used to be. You may refer to Webster and use any definition of pedestrian that you feel is appropriate, my feelings will not be hurt. There are some disadvantages and advantages of becoming ped

Heart art for Sophy in downtown Winters. (Courtesy photo)

estrian. For instance, while walking to Lorenzo Market from my house I need to traverse gravel and dirt for approximately 150 feet on the shoulder of Grant Avenue. This is a short distance as compared to those who walk from Yolo Housing into town. They do not have access to a sidewalk for at least half a mile. In Winters, this is a disadvantage.

Allow me to introduce some benefits to hoofing it. The other day I took a stroll into town. I was awed by the early flowering pear and deciduous magnolia trees. Along the way I passed the post office and noticed that someone has taken special interest to install a lovely planting in front that includes blooming annuals and perennials. While passing the building that used to be True Value Hardware I peeked through the glass and was surprised to see that a large portion of the back wall has been removed. What’s going on there? Let’s stop in front of The Kona Ice Shop and Farmer Closet Boutique. You definitely will not see this from your automobile.

Displayed inside the windows are a series of hanging hearts. The creators are identified as coming from Ms. Luna’s class room 14, Waggoner, second grade; Ms. Ivory’s class room 7, Shirley Rominger, fifth grade; and Ms. MaCay’s first grade. Written on the hearts are places that the children love in Winters. The most often mentioned is the ‘Wooden Park.’ One heart has an artist drawing of a child holding on to the zip line. Almost every business in town is mentioned including Round Table and Pizza Factory, Kona Ice, Ace Hardware, Putah Creek Café, Buckhorn, Burger King and so on. Tractors are mentioned. One card reads, “I love the friendly people”, another reads, “I love Winters because it is a small, nice town.”

A few steps farther along, patrons are eating out doors and you can enjoy the delightful aroma of fresh cooked food. The next time you are in that area, take a minute to find an old rosemary bush planted in a large ornamental pot. Its trunk is gnarly and the plant is aged enough to take on the characteristics of an oriental bonsai. I usually take a little pinch so I can enjoy the spicy fragrance. Also, of interest, are the succulents planted in raised metal troughs on the Railroad Avenue side of the café.

In my youth, I lived with my Grandmother for five or so years. She didn’t own a car and we got along fine. On occasion we would have a special outing and ride the municipal bus to visit her mother. They both lived long lives, Great Grandmother lived 105 years. She didn’t have a car either.

From one of my favorite movies, I quote Ferris Bueller, “If you don’t stop and look around once in a while you could miss it.”

Sophie Says
One of the hearts posted in the Farmer Closet Boutique reads, “I love Winters because Sophy I see.” [sic] By Angela, age 6.

I love you Angela because you make Winters such a nice place.

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