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At one point or another, every Winters resident finds themselves boasting about the amazing little town they were raised in. That’s why Lynda Hinds and Lori Vidales have taken this hometown passion a step further and created Yolo 365 Tours so the rest of the world can love Winters as much as locals do.

This dynamic duo has years of experience working in Winters with their common thread being in hospitality. Both are used to directing visitors and giving them insight of what to see and do throughout town. So, after years of ‘talking the talk,’ these business owners decided to ‘walk the walk’ and created Yolo 365 Tours.

“In a nutshell, we talked about tours and how we loved them. So, we just decided this is the right time after COVID and being able to curate something where people can walk in and experience Winters,” Hinds said explaining the business’ humble genesis. “Not in just one spot, either. People will just go to dinner or get a glass of wine, but they don’t get to see everything behind the scenes. With us, they get multiple experiences of Winters in one shot.”

Vidales validates the two had immediate chemistry. From their interests and love for serving others to their shared excitement for experiences, these partners’ creativity and business savvy weave together in an immersive experience of the Winters area.

After one books a tour online, an ideal — and all-inclusive — experience whisks their party to wineries, breweries, distilleries, boutiques, restaurants, planned pop-up shops, local vendors and more. Tours also dive into the rich, agricultural history of the town, stop by historical landmarks and captures that charming, je ne sais quoi of Winters like a firefly in a mason jar. As if the delicious food, drinks and memory-making aren’t great enough, the whole experience takes place in a golf cart that fits 12 people — and what experience in a golf cart isn’t a great one?

“We work with the businesses to make unique experiences, and basically the main stops are the majority of the time on the tour. It’s 45 minutes at each stop and we don’t give the entire outline of the tour because we try to include some hidden gems,” said Hinds. “Like we might land on the rooftop and have a tasting, or go into the hotel and get gelato, or a porch and do a pop-up tasting there. We give you at least five stops with multiple tastings and curate the tour based off your preferences. We try to be very hands-on with that, asking if it’s a bridal shower, a birthday party or a guys’ weekend like we did with Joe the Butcher and his old Boy Scout friends. Then we curate the experience based off that and make sure all the details are tucked and tied.”

Yolo 365 Tours isn’t some one-trick-pony either. It suits multiple audiences, has different themes and the dynamic duo is also ideating on seasonal themes as well.

“There are themes online and soon we’ll be posting our farm theme, too. We’re also coming with ideas for seasonal tours and holidays,” Vidales explained. “We’re thinking of having something around Christmas time and do an evening tour. We want to do pontoon tours, we’ve also talked about doing a Valentine’s Day tour on the creek. So, we’re coming up with seasonal ideas as well.”

Since opening in early 2022, Yolo 365 Tours has yet to have a group not make purchases at the various stops. As if the town doesn’t sell itself well enough, both Vidales and Hinds are the tour guides and are beyond passionate about facilitating good times for whoever hops on board their golf carts.

“What’s nice about the tours is if you do want to celebrate something, it takes four hours, and it’s a busy four hours. That’s a whole day experience you can have with your friends, family or anybody coming into town and you’re looking for something to do,” said Vidales. “It’s easy to just have us curate that tour for you and fill that day, and that’s what’s great about them. We do it all for you, you hop on the cart and we just shuttle you around.”

Ready to experience Winters like never before, simply head to yolo365tours.com and book a tour today. One can also visit its Facebook page by searching Yolo365 Tours & Tastings.

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