Wolfskill CRA celebrates Spring 2022 graduates

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Wolfskill Career Readiness Academy celebrated their spring graduates who came to the end of their high school journey. Students and their families gathered at an in-person graduation event on Friday, May 27 outside of the school house. Graduates received their accredited diploma and their work ready certificates. Wolfskill CRA staff also celebrated each student with a personalized speech in traditional CRA graduation fashion.

Greg Wade, CRA lead teachers said:

Benjamin Perez
Wade said Perez is one of the most incredible young men he’s ever met.

“He’s overcome immense challenges. His decision to finish and apply himself was a great one by him and we had a blast working together. Nothing beats working with a willing cooperative and motivated student. He played by the rules and succeeded. I only hope he survives all those side shows,” Wade said.

Adrian Soto
Wade said Soto came to the CRA wondering if he should drop out.

“I told him I could make graduation happen for him. That he should check out CRA before he decides. He benefited from our Work Experience Credits format. He gave up wild speculation and became a mature critical thinker. Adrian it was a pleasure doing business with you,” Wade said.

Dylan Wagner
Wade noted that Wagner came to the CRA recently and his words did not match his actions.

“As I got to know him better and discover the challenge he was facing I began working one on one with him. He responded positively to the intervention and began making serious plans for trade school. Getting serious really impressed me and made my job much easier. So, Dylan, thanks for stepping up despite the current challenges you are facing,” Wade said.

Ryan Catanzaro, CRA teacher, shared the following:

Arthur Cueva
Arthur Cueva is a quiet, polite kid who is always ready to help others especially his sister.

“He consistently calls teachers ‘Sir.’ He’s just a respectful guy. We realized he truly wanted to succeed and he has done exactly that,” Catanzaro said.

Erik Perez
“Erik Perez truly exemplified what we are going for at CRA. He was already working full time at Amazon. Where he truly shined was his desire to help his classmates and community. He made sure his younger classmates got to school and took their education seriously,” Catanzaro said.

Kaden Jonte
Counselor Jeff Sims said he’s had the opportunity to watch student Kaden Jonte grow up since first grade. He called him a non-traditional learner, who is smart and finds what’s in his head more interesting than any teacher or curriculum.

“He is creative, good with his hands, and enjoys guitar and video games. He is now free to pursue his own life as he sees fit,” Sims said.

Liz Coman, school district Career and College Coordinator, said the following:

Victoria Cardenas
It is my pleasure to speak about Victoria. She is well on her way to reaching her potential for a full and fulfilling life. And I am not the only one who believes this to be true. In April, Victoria interviewed with three community members to earn the Career Ready Certificate.

Panelists said Cardenas clearly demonstrated that she’s a hard-worker and has a resilient spirit; is an amazing artist and business developer; and is confident, articulate and very mature for her age.

One of her bosses said Cardenas has always been a very responsible person. She was quick to find a job to support herself at a very early age, and she has always performed above and beyond. The main reason Cardenas has earned such respect is her attitude. She is always polite and well-spoken, and shows nothing but professionalism and willingness to help with everyone’s needs, regardless of position.

“These qualities will stand her in good stead as she pursues a career as a teacher. Her goal is to become a middle school social studies teacher, and when she does, I hope she will consider teaching in Winters if the opportunity exists. A person of curiosity and imagination, she will guide her students with the desire to learn and engage them with her insights and creativity,” Coman said.

Braulio Montes Granados
Coman said once she knew she was going to be offering a testimonial on Montes Granados’s behalf, she started making a list of adjectives and characteristics that apply to him.

“He is cooperative and fair-minded; he is reliable and takes initiative; he is conscientious and always courteous; he is reflective and a self-starter. I could spend a lot of time listing his strengths, but I was looking for a word that would encompass all of these things, and I landed on the word “solid.” Coman said.

Coman detailed how Montes Granados is rock solid — not only physically, but to the degree that he has attained the respect of both his teachers and his classmates. He is a student of great stature, and In this respect he is solid. Coman also called him multidimensional because he is intelligent and a deep thinker.

“He understands that we all are complex beings made up of both strengths and weaknesses. He knows that we are all ‘works in progress.’ I am confident he will continue to grow spiritually, mentally and intellectually throughout his life because he will be open to the many multi-faceted opportunities and experiences that lead to fulfilled lives. In this respect he is solid.” Coman said.

Coman also called Montes Granados reliable, thoughtful and thorough.

“The other day, we were discussing scenarios that often take place at work, and the students’ job was to offer various ideas on how to handle them. Braulio’s responses were considered and considerate, thinking from both the employees’ and employers’ points of view. He provided suggestions that would be helpful to the employer while not adding extra stress to the employee. As one of our students who has a job, he mentioned how he handled a couple of the situations that we were discussing in his real-life experience,” Coman said.

Coman followed up saying Montes Granados has a solid handshake and she knows he will continue to grow, to find his path, to contribute to society, to contribute as a solid citizen, and there’s nothing better than that.

Anthony Gutierrez and Nathaniel Juarez are also spring 2022 CRA graduates. They were not present at the graduation ceremony.

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