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Winters High School is not the biggest school, but between the clubs and pathways offered there are multiple opportunities for students to forge into up-and-coming leaders.

WHS staff shared their insights on young leaders from the Class of 2022.

Educator Jessica Williams said Joanna Cuevas is a student who has shown incredible dedication to her academics, demonstrates responsibility in her work ethic and her leadership skills. Cuevas is a second year AVID student and an athlete as well.

“Since joining AVID, she has shown incredible dedication to her academics. She leads her in-class study group and never hesitates to help other students,” Jessica said. “She goes above and beyond when asked to complete a task, often taking the initiative to do more than asked. Joanna is kind and generous — I’m lucky to have had her as a student.”

Educator and Robotics Advisor Dianne Halsey called Celeste Garcia Rodarte an exceptional student and human
who seizes opportunities, and is a solid citizen.

Music educator Mike Williams gave praise for Erika Contreras Ramirez, Kyera McFarland and Melesio Perez Jr.

Mike gave credit to Contreras Ramirez’s and said her hard work and determination was integral to the band’s success this year.

“She can always be counted on to perform at her best and to assist others in performing to theirs. She was our featured soloist during the spring concert and did an awesome job,” Mike said.

Mike said Perez’s skill as a percussionist was vital to the success of the WHS band this year.

“He could always be relied upon during concerts, football games and parades to do his best and raise the level of the group’s performance,” Mike said.

McFarland was an outstanding performer in both band and choir this year, according to Mike.

“Her talent and work ethic were constantly on display and was a positive inspiration to all those in the group,” Mike said.

Kayla Roberts, FFA advisor and ag educator, said that when you think of the Winters FFA you probably think of Joe Aguiar.

“Joe lives out his family’s legacy with pride. He is a servant leader, passionate about agriculture and enjoys developing leaders,” Roberts said. “Joe has grown into a wonderful leader here in the Winters FFA. He is kind, inclusive, hard working and dedicated. We are proud to have been led by Joe as our President this year and we can not wait to see all he achieves at Cal Poly.”

Roberts called Emmett Edman a humble leader who is very dedicated to the FFA organization.

“He is always willing to do the dirty work to get a job done. Emmett doesn’t shy away from a challenge and has pushed himself to grow into a more engaging speaker and officer,” Roberts said. “I have seen Emmett develop tremendously this year. One of Emmett’s best qualities is his determination. When he says he is going to do something — he gets it done, no matter what. Emmett’s drive and determination have influenced those around him and we can’t wait to see all he achieves at Yuba College.”

Roberts said Kaden Tuttle’s creativity and enthusiasm make him an incredibly engaging leader.

“People want to be around Kaden and share their ideas with him. He is encouraging to all, accepting of everyone and is the type of leader every organization needs. Kaden has grown into an incredible public speaker and is a wonderful advocate for the agriculture industry,” Roberts said.

ASB President Calista Cardinale has dedicated four years of her time, energy, and spirit to the WHS campus.

I have been so impressed by her willingness to step up as a leader both in and outside of the classroom. She chaired committees, stayed late working on rallies, dances, and hallway decorating, led student discussions, was a member of the school’s Site Council, painted countless posters, and problem-solved like a pro. I am so proud to have been able to call her my student and ‘go-to’ for all things student leadership. I’m so proud of her,” said Courtney Casavecchia, educator and Activities Director.

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