Meet the Candidates: California Governor

Meet John Cox (R) and Gavin Newsom (D), California’s gubernatorial candidates for 2018.
Gavin Newsom: Photo by Brian Kusler/Flickr Creative Commons. John Cox: Photo by Tommy Lee Kreger/Flickr Creative Commons

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John Cox John Cox, R., is a businessman who is best known for his real estate and venture capitalist enterprises. He graduated from the University of Illinois with a bachelor’s degree in accounting and political science followed by a juris doctor degree from ITT/Chicago Kent School of Law in 1990. Cox has spoken in favor of several socially-conservative programs and initiatives, including business de-regulation efforts, income tax breaks, expansion of the military and allowing students the opportunity to pray in schools. He opposes abortion, the death penalty, the inclusion of sexual orientation in anti-discrimination laws and some green energy initiatives. He previously criticized efforts to legalize some same-sex measures, such as marriage, as “open the floodgates to polygamy and bestiality,” a position he has since backed away from. Official candidate statement: “I wasn’t supposed to make it into this run-off for Governor. I’m not part of the political class, wasn’t born rich, no family with political connections. My name is John Cox, and I think what the political class has done to working people in California is a crime. They’ve rigged the game, trading favors and enriching themselves, while millions of forgotten Californians have been left behind. We have sky-high gas prices and vehicle fees, with the highest poverty rate in the country. Where millions commute to cities they love, but can’t afford to live in. So, they commute on roads that are a mess. They send their children to failing schools. Sacramento politicians ration water in our homes, while emptying our abundant water supply into the ocean. Our friends and family are moving out of California—not because they want to, but because they have to. Where for too many Californians, it’s a choice between buying gas to get to work, or groceries to feed the family. That’s a choice none of us should have to make. The good news—we don’t have to put up with this, because help is on the way. We can stop the water rationing, repeal the gas tax, fix our schools, and make housing affordable again, but only if we’re willing to hold our failed political leaders accountable. I’m John Cox and I want to be your governor.” PolitiFact California scorecard: The not-for-profit PolitiFact California has fact-checked 6 statements made by Cox as of October 18, 2018. One of those statements was rated to be “true,” three statements were rated as “mostly true” and two statements were rated as “false.” Issues that were rated to be false dealt with road infrastructure and consumer energy costs.

Gavin Newsom

Gavin Newsom, D., is the current Lieutenant Governor for California and the former Mayor of San Francisco. He also served with the San Francisco Board of Supervisors prior to being elected mayor in the city. He earned a bachelor’s degree in the field of political science from Santa Clara University in 1989 and founded a number of professional businesses before entering into politics. Newsom has spoken in favor of several socially-progressive programs and initiatives, including affirmative action, criminal justice reform, expanded healthcare access, green energy issues and drug control reform and legalization movements. He was an early, vocal supporter of same-sex marriage and other gay rights initiatives. He has opposed efforts to de-fund Planned Parenthood, the construction of a border wall and military expansion initiatives. He favors expanding background checks for gun purchases and using “smart gun” technology to prevent unauthorized firearm uses. He has been criticized for being sensitive to his appearance in the media and for threatening to blacklist news outlets that he does not like, which has led some to question whether he is capable of handling objective scrutiny of his policies and positions. Official candidate statement: Newsom did not file a candidate statement with the Secretary of State’s office, and no candidate statement was available in official materials distributed to voters in October. PolitiFact California scorecard: The not-for-profit PolitiFact California has fact-checked 15 statements made by Newsom as of October 18, 2018. Four of those statements were rated to be “true,” four statements were rated as “mostly true,” three statements were rated as “half true,” two statements were rated as “mostly false” and one statement was rated as “false.” Issues that were rated to be false or mostly false dealt with gun control, mass shootings and migrant child separation issues.
The Governor serves as California’s chief executive officer. The Governor oversees most state departments and agencies, appoints judges, proposes new laws, approves or vetoes legislation and submits the annual budget to California lawmakers. The Governor also mobilizes and provides direction to state resources during civil emergencies including severe weather events, fires and acts of terrorism.]]>

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