Meet the Candidates: State Assemblymember, District 4

Meet Cecilia Aguiar-Curry (D) and Brandon Nelson (L), California Assemblymember (District 4) candidates for 2018.
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Cecilia Aguiar-Curry Cecilia Aguiar-Curry, D., is the current Assemblymember representing District 4 in the state legislature. She previously served as the first female mayor of Winters. She attended San Jose State University where she earned degrees in business administration and accounting. After college, she launched a firm that specialized in public policy, water issues and community outreach initiatives. She serves as the chair of the Yolo Housing Commission, serves on the board of the Yolo County Water Association and is on the Board of Directors of the Sacramento Council of Governments. During the last legislative session, Aguiar-Curry authored several pieces of legislation in response to devastating wildfires that ripped through her district. She has also worked to solve water quality-related issues and secured funding for farm workers in Napa County. Official campaign statement: “Since I ran for the Assembly just two years ago, so much has happened. Our district has faced incredible challenges and come together to tackle them. With so much more to be done, I respectfully ask for your vote as I seek re-election to another term. My experience as a Mayor, farmer, and small businesswoman has kept me focused on getting things done for the small cities and rural communities that make up Assembly District 4. My staff and I have worked tirelessly with federal, state and local leaders and agencies to deal with the many issues related to the devastating fires. We must learn from the past as we move forward with both rebuilding and prevention efforts. In addition, we have: secured permanent funding for Napa County farmworker housing; passed legislation to bring local and state experts together to solve Clear Lake’s water quality problems – a critical component of revitalizing Lake County’s economy; invested in early childhood education, affordable college, Medi-Cal funding, and affordable housing; expanded access to child care for low income parents learning English or working towards a high school degree; invested tens of millions in transportation projects across the District; worked to bring broadband access to communities throughout the state, including $330 million for rural areas; fought climate change; and protected immigrants. While our work is just starting, we are making a difference, and with your support we can do even more. I hope I can count on your vote.”

Brandon Nelson

Brandon Nelson, L., is a senior at the University of California at Davis where he is studying international relations. He was previously a student at Solano Community College where he graduated with four degrees, and was a homeschooled through a charter school before his higher education career. His campaign initiatives include opening up healthcare markets, eliminating some housing regulations and utilizing state natural resources through exposure to new markets. Nelson says he looks forward to getting a law degree and starting his own business in the future. Official campaign statement: “I am running for State Assembly because I believe I have a fresh perspective that will help solve the problems currently facing California. I want to work with constituents to ensure that basic needs are being met and look forward to investing in sound health care policies and opening markets to keep health care affordable for everyone. We need to eliminate the burdensome regulations that make housing unaffordable so that all Californians can live and build successful lives in California. I also believe that we can benefit from opening new markets that can continue to utilize our bounty of natural resources to innovate new solutions. My studies in International Relations and experience both in the workforce and volunteering I understand the need for strong community ties and direct involvement. I want to work with individuals from every part of the community within District 4 to make sure that the needs of the people are being met. I look forward to serving the diverse communities in District 4 and working with individuals to ensure a more prosperous California for all of us. I was homeschooled through a charter school and during my sophomore year in high school began attending Solano Community College. I graduated from Solano with four Associate degrees and am continuing to study International Relations at UC Davis, where I am a senior. I also look forward to pursuing a law degree and starting my own business. I look forward to serving you and making District 4 prosperous.”
The Assemblymember for District 4 represents Winters and other areas of Northern California at the State Assembly on city, county and constituent matters.]]>

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