Meet the Candidates: California Attorney General

Meet Steven Bailey and Xavier Becerra, California attorney general candidates for 2018.
Steven Bailey: Handout photo, Xavier Becerra: Handout photo

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Steven Bailey Steven Bailey, R., is a retired judge from the Superior Court of California in El Dorado County. He served on the court for more than eight years where he oversaw cases involving criminal, civil and probate matters as well as cases involving juveniles. He served as four years as the Presiding Juvenile Judge. Before his time as a judge, he worked in the area of private practice for nearly two decades. He opposes certain voter-approved criminal justice reform measures, including Propositions 47 and 57, as well as Assembly Bill 109, which he blames for an increase in violent crimes. Official campaign statement: “As a retired Judge of the California Superior Court, I know how to keep Californians safe from violent crime, which is now rising because of three dangerous laws passed in recent years — Propositions 47, 57 and AB 109. These dangerous experiments led to the early release of sex offenders, reduced the penalties for many offenses, and reduced or eliminated important tools used by judges to keep dangerous criminals — including gang members and repeat offenders — away from our homes and neighborhoods. Women, the elderly, and young people are increasingly the victims of violent crime — this must end. My first priority as Attorney General will be the safety and security of all Californians. That’s why crime victim advocates and law enforcement groups including Crime Victims United of CA, Los Angeles Police Protective League, Association for Los Angeles Deputy Sheriffs, California Peace Officers Association, county sheriffs and district attorneys support me to be California’s next Attorney General. As a Superior Court Judge, I saw firsthand when the criminal justice system was working and now how it fails us. I know exactly what must be done to protect Californians from violent crime, including ensuring convicted felons no longer have access to firearms and restoring safety to every neighborhood. The Attorney General must be above partisanship. This isn’t about the Democrat answer or the Republican answer — it’s about the right answer to ensure every Californian can feel safe on the streets, at work and in their home. I would be honored to have your vote.”

Xavier Becerra

Xavier Becerra, D., is the current attorney general for California who was the first Latino to serve as the state’s chief law enforcement officer. He previously served 12 years as a Congressman and was a state legislative representative in the California assembly. He is also a former California deputy attorney general. He has supported measures that aimed to modernize local law enforcement agencies and reduce gun violence. He oversaw the filing of lawsuits against the federal government on issues including access to 3-D printed gun blueprints, a travel ban on visitors from certain countries and an initiative to build a wall along the southern border of the country. Official campaign statement: “As your Attorney General and chief law enforcement officer, I’m fighting — and winning — for Californians and our values. I’m taking on sex traffickers, the NRA, Big Oil, Big Banks and the Trump Administration. I’m prosecuting violent street gangs and taking thousands of guns off our streets. I’m fighting predatory for-profit colleges that steal from our students. I sued Trump — and won — to stop him from gutting our air quality protections and restricting women’s access to birth control. I’ve fought and won to protect the Dreamers — immigrants brought to the U.S. as young children. And, I’m in court protecting Californians’ right to health care. I fight these battles for Californians as the son of immigrants, the first in my family to graduate from a university, because all Californians deserve a chance to succeed. After law school, I worked as a legal aid attorney defending the mentally ill and then served as a Deputy Attorney General in the very office that I now lead. I then went to Congress to lead the fight to protect Social Security and Medicare. I’ve been fighting for California values all my life and I will never back down whether it’s sex traffickers, Big Oil, the NRA, or the Trump Administration. I’m proud to have earned the support of Governor Brown, the Democratic Party, Sierra Club California, Planned Parenthood, the California State Law Enforcement Association and California’s nurses, teachers and firefighters. I’d be honored to have your vote.”
The California attorney general is the chief law enforcement officer for the state who heads the California Department of Justice, ensures state laws are being enforced, investigates cases of potentially fraudulent or illegal activity and oversees law enforcement agencies including county district attorneys and sheriffs.]]>

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