Meet the Candidates: U.S. Representative (District 3)

Meet John Garamendi (D) and Charlie Schaupp (R), California’s congressional candidates for District 3 of the U.S. House of Representatives.
Photos: John Garamendi/, Charlie Schaupp/

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John Garamendi John Garamendi, D., is the current U.S. Congressman for the 3rd Congressional District. He began his political service in the mid-1970s as an assembly member before moving to the state senate. He also served as the state’s lieutenant governor between 2007 and 2009 and has twice served as the state’s insurance commissioner. As a Congressman, Garamendi serves on committees focused on armed services and transportation and infrastructure. He previously served on committees focused on agriculture and natural resources. Official candidate statement: “As your Congressman I like to get things done for Yolo County. I want a Better Deal for Yolo County. Good jobs, Good schools, good environment, good future. We’ve come a long way since the 2008 Great Recession. We can do even better. We need the best highway, water, rail, levees, and broadband infrastructure. My ‘Make It In America’ legislation requires your tax dollars be used to buy American goods and services. I support Yolo County’s agriculture industry. My ‘American Food for American Schools’ legislation builds on Yolo’s successful Farm to Fork Program by requiring schools to use domestic food for school lunches, not foreign grown food. I want UC Davis to get research money and continue to be a world class university. Stop The Tunnels. As Deputy Secretary of Interior I fought for parks, wildlife, water, and environment. My water plan will increase water conservation, recycling, desalinization, and dams. I support equal pay for equal work, raising the minimum wage, family leave, and family farm programs. As Insurance Commissioner, I lowered homeowner and auto rates. Now I fight to protect health care in our communities. I oppose cuts to Social Security, Medicare, MediCal. I vote to increase veterans benefits and lower drug costs. As Lieutenant Governor, I voted to stop tuition increases. Let’s refinance student loans saving billions in interest. I’m a graduate of UC Berkeley and Harvard. Patti and I served in the Peace Corps. We raise cattle and grow pears on our family ranch.”

Charlie Schaupp

Charlie Schaupp, R., is a retired U.S. Marine officer and fourth-generation farm owner. He served 28 years in the U.S. Armed Forces and was involved in combat operations in Iraq. He graduated from Chico State University and Yuba College with various degrees in agriculture. He has twice attempted to run for an assembly seat in California’s state legislature — once in 2014 and again in 2016. Official campaign statement: “First, I want to thank you for the support I received in the primary and I again ask for your vote of confidence. I am a member of a 5 generation farming family. My family has farmed in Yolo County since the 1880’s and currently farms 3,500 acres. Additionally, as retired Lieutenant Colonel, I served 28 years with the Marines including combat operations in the Battle of Fallujah and Operation Desert Storm. I’m also a graduate of Chico State University — Soil/Water Science and Yuba College — Agricultural Business. As your new congressman I pledge to reinstate confidence and accountability in Washington. Let’s ‘Restore Congress’ Restore ethics, pride, leadership, fiscal responsibility, and work to get both Democrats and Republicans to stop the infighting and get things done! I will not promise you a new deal, a better deal, or a deal of any kind. Rather, what I promise is fair honest leadership and I will work tirelessly to clean up our government’s fiscal mess. We need action in Congress, not words. The recent fires and lack of care of our forests and open areas have destroyed so many homes, lives, and communities. For decades our government has stifled proper care of these areas. Now we see the result-mass devastation and loss of life! It’s the same with water and flood control. Our dams are failing but billions of dollars will be spent for unneeded Delta tunnels. We need to change this and we need to do it immediately! It’s time for new leadership in Congress!”
The U.S. Representative for District 3 serves as a local representative in the Congressional House of Representatives on matters related to local, state and national interests. Correction: A previous edition of this post described Schaupp as a fifth-generation farm worker. Schaupp is a fourth-generation farm owner. The post has been updated to reflect the correction.]]>

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