Winters employees participate in Soft Skills Seminars

Employees from Steady Eddy’s, Turkovich Family Wines, Putah Creek Café and Buckhorn/Buckhorn Catering were given the opportunity to learn valuable workplace skills.
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Over the course of the past two months a seminar was provided to a handful of employees from some of the businesses around town. Select employees from Steady Eddy’s Coffee House, Turkovich Family Wines, Putah Creek Café and Buckhorn/ Buckhorn Catering were given the opportunity to level up their at-work mindsets. The classes are put on by New World of Work ( through Sierra and Woodland Community Colleges, and were taught by Natasha Polumbo, MBA.  Polumbo is an experienced contractor with a demonstrated history of working in the higher education industry. Skilled in event planning, entrepreneurship, strategic planning, executor and team building she has a Master of Business Administration focused in Business Administration and Management, General from Sacramento State College of Business Administration.  The weekly classes began with emphasis on things of a personal nature, in that they involve a peek into the individual’s own brain function. This involves assessing personal strengths and weaknesses, measuring a person’s level of adaptability, working with others as a team, awareness of social diversity, resilience and obtaining a solution-oriented mindset. Lessons took forms that could accommodate all types of learners: visual, aural, verbal and kinesthetic, but according to the students they also were entertaining and easy to follow.  These weeks were followed lessons by aiming these newfound personal understandings towards the individual’s workplace. Focus was placed on goal setting, grit, entrepreneurial mindsets/traits of those to employ at work and understanding the individual’s worth as an employee. These were wrapped up by pointing all new methods towards intrapreneurship, or using one’s skills to benefit the business in whole. By all accounts this was an extremely successful seminar, with some students even attesting they were already “Leveling Up” at work because of their new outlook. “This class has allowed me to look at work differently. It has given me some extra tools in my tool belt that help me to see where I can grow, not only personally, but also professionally,” said Vic Maldonado of Steady Eddy’s. Liz Coman, the new College and Career Coordinator for Winters Joint Unified School District, also audited these classes. Coman has served in the community for many years in various capacities. She was a teacher at the high school, then moving on to work at the library and eventually into her now part-time position helping the young adults of Winters develop the proper skills needed for college. She will be addressing the issue of the seemingly growing number of youths who enter the adult world ill-prepared.  Coman will be expanding and Coman-izing Polumbo’s teachings, stating that she was, “very impressed with Natasha’s depth of knowledge and delivery of the curriculum during the two sessions I observed her.” Coman’s goal will then be to bring these workplace “power-skills” to the students at the Wolfskill Career Readiness Academy. This will provide essential 21st century skills to the students of Winters instructed by a long-serving member of the community.  New World of Work offers free online classes for those that wish to  better their entrepreneurial outlook, and it also provides completion badges that can be adhered to social media accounts such as FaceBook and Linkedin that will attest to one’s personal resolve of betterment. New World of Work is currently working on a high school curriculum, which will provide further skills to the college and workforce bound. Until then the Coman-izing will proceed, making the process attuned to Winters as a it stands. ]]>

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