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While some diets help us lose weight and stay fit, others are straight up detrimental to our health. Rest assured, Dr. James Stirton of Winters Chiropractic is back to serve up some grade-A food for thought on the Standard American diet and Keto diet.

The Standard American diet (SAD) can trace its genesis back to the 1950’s after a single study done by renowned physiologist, Ancel Keys. According to Stirton, Keys hypothesized that a high-fat diet is connected to heart disease and studied various countries’ diets for data.

However, there was one small hiccup in his research, he only studied countries that supported his hypothesis and not countries like Germany and France with high fat diets and low heart disease rates. Low and behold when the study came out, his conclusion was confirmed.

“After this, the food pyramid came out in 1961 and was endorsed by heart disease and diabetes associations,” Stirton said weighing in on the controversial history of the SAD. “When you really look at it, heart disease hasn’t gotten any better, and there are no other studies like this besides Keys’.”

The SAD is filled with red meats, candies, processed foods, fried foods, corn syrup, dairy products and sugars. It also doesn’t differentiate the various types of fats and grains.

“Just like fats, not all grains are created equal. For example, quinoa is awesome compared to rice because they have different nutritional profiles,” Stirton said discussing food processing. “Olive oil is a very minimally processed oil, which is why it is good for you. They don’t change the molecular structure in high heat like in corn oil.”

Rather than look up at the undisputed food pyramid since 1961, Stirton opts to flip it upside down. With clear differentiations of fats at the top, it begins looking more like the Keto diet.

“Keto is about 80 percent healthy, good fats. You want multiple servings of good fats like avocados and vegetable fats. You can throw in bacon, but it’s a very processed meat,” Stirton said laying out the Keto fat facts. “Grains are also good, and in Keto you get the seeds. Chia seeds and flax seeds have protein, iron and Omega 3’s.”

As the Keto diet focuses on the good fats, Stirton insists that the disproportionate amount bad fats consumed in the SAD pave the way to diabetes and heart disease.

“It’s not just metabolic diseases, its neurological. Most of your brain and body is fat and water,” Stirton said dissecting how the SAD fats affect our body. “Since we’re consuming so many fats, it makes cell membranes leaky. A leaky gut and a leaky brain where the cells are sloppy at keeping things in and out. That leakage is where metabolic disease start.”

There’s a lot to digest when it comes to gathering information on diets. That’s why Stirton recommends watching the documentary “The Magic Pill” for supplementary facts. It not only gives one more to think about in terms of dieting, but also sparked Stirton’s interest in creating the Perfect American diet.

For more information, one can – as always – reach out to Dr. Stirton directly at jimstirtondc@gmail.com. Simply put his words to memory, “If you’re not certain, ask Dr. Stirton.”

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