Immune system communications fronts as allergy symptoms

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Although allergies feel like our body is betraying us, they’re actually our immune system’s way of trying to communicate. Dr. James Stirton from Winters Chiropractic translates what these symptoms mean and explain why it’s vital to support our immune system.

Allergies are our immune system’s reaction to a foreign substance. These include the usual suspects such as pollen, pet dander, dust and — of course — smoke. Symptom severity varies with the individual and can leave one’s immune system reeling, which leads to a chronic feeling of fatigue.

“Supporting your immune system can help battle against allergies since your body is going haywire,” Stirton explained. “If your immune system isn’t supported, it struggles to do its job and wears you out. That’s a reason why people feel fatigued because they don’t get quality rest when your body is under the gun immunity wise. On top of that, we need our immunity to be strong because there’s a pandemic we’re trying to finish off.”

According to Stirton, allergies are merely symptoms of the bad things, not the bad things themselves. However, the most popular remedies — such as Zyrtec, Allegra, etc. — only mask these symptoms as they only provide relief, not comprehensive treatment.

“The medicines are only masking the symptoms, but the mucus production is a natural reaction of the body because it’s trying to tell us it needs help,” Stirton said.

He noted there are also natural remedies to help support the immune system.

“There’s nevermore an important time to take care of our immunity and not sweep our allergies under the rug. There are herbs you can take that help with your immunity,” Stirton said. “There’s Echinacea and Goldenseal and others. However, you should take them under the guidance of someone who knows herbs. My office does nutritional consultations which are included in my care.”

If there was a headquarters to our body’s immune system, it’d be in the nasopharynx. It spans from the nostril openings to the back of the throat and is where the majority of the fighting goes on between your immune system and foreign substances.

“The nasopharynx is the whole area where your immune system fights things. It’s where you have cells that create mucus, where the majority of your lymph nodes are, which are the citadel fortress of your immune system. It’s also where the concentrated white blood cells live,” Stirton said.

Stirton said a proper nutrition bolsters one’s immune system.

“It’s important to explore nutritional ways to replenish your body’s makeup. Also, the use of herbs and natural medicines have always been more synergistic with replenishing the body in whatever it needs,” Stirton said.

While Stirton has mastered chiropractic remedies, his practice also focuses on nutritional wellness. Stirton is offering a free nutritional consultation for anyone who mentions this article when they go into Winters Chiropractic. Questions about allergies, the immune system or nutrition, you can reach out to Stirton directly at

It’s like the good doctor always says, “If you’re not certain, ask Dr. Stirton.”

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