Warriors continue to build upon skills through experience

Sierra Berry played in a volleyball game at Dixon High School on Wednesday, September 4.

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Varsity Volleyball The Winters High School volleyball teams played two games that they travelled to, both were non- conference games. The first game of the week on Tuesday was at the Yolo County Fairgrounds where the Warriors took on Woodland Christian. On Wednesday the Warriors traveled to Dixon High School. On Saturday the varsity team returned to Dixon for a tournament in which they played four games. “We played a team that competes in league tournaments in the off season. Woodland Christian was able to read the court and many of our mistakes. They (Woodland Christian) knew exactly where to put the ball to score,” said coach Josh Benton. The varsity volleyball team played through a rough game against Woodland Christian who dominated the game controlling both sides of the net. The Warriors lost the match which was played in three sets with scores of 25-6, 25-8 and 25-11. Though they never gave up and increased the amount of points scored in each set, they could not overcome such a strong team. At Dixon the Warriors had quickly learned for mistakes from the day before. With clear on-court communication and coming together as a team, they played a much stronger game. Gianna Carrion and Elina Perez had a strong control at the net. Carrion with her blocking and kills and Perez’s strength in setting and digs, keeping the ball in the air. Jocelyn McMillan anchored the back line for the Warriors stopping many scoring plays. Rylie Schroeder has strong skills in every aspect of the game. The match was also a loss for the Warriors who played in three sets of which the scores were 25-19, 26-24 and 25-6. At the tournament the varsity volleyball team competed against Sutter, Dixon, Enterprise and Marysville. The Warriors won their first match of the season against Enterprise. The final scores of the sets were 25-23 and 15-9. In their second match against Dixon the Warriors played better and stronger then they did on Wednesday. Their scores see-sawed throughout the match with the final scores for the two sets ending at 27-25 and 25-23. Junior Varsity Volleyball The Junior Varsity volleyball team started there week at Woodland Christian. The next day the Warriors went to Dixon, both games were played in two sets, which resulted in a loss for WHS. At Woodland Christian the scores were 25-19 and 26-24, at Dixon it was 25-11 and 25-17. The junior varsity team were Warrior strong in their two matches. Dani Johnson has a great knowledge of the game and took command of the service line. At the net Dani does not let much get by her. When Dani is accompanied by her sister, Katie Johnson on the back line they are a great team that anchors the rest of the Warriors on the court. Sierra Berry’s strength is at the net, were she strives to keep the ball up in the air, with the rest of the Warriors. In the coming week the Warriors will face off with Williams High School, where they will travel for their first CIFNS league game of the season. On Thursday, Sept. 12, the Warriors will host Rio Vista High School in a non-conference game. Varsity Football Winters High school hosted St. Helena High School in a non-conference football game on Friday September 6. Going into the game the Warriors were 0-1 and St. Helena was 2-0 and they have been scoring over 50 points a game. The Warriors battled against one of the toughest opponents they are scheduled to play all year. The Warriors were strong and held St. Helena to under 50 points, the first team to do so this season. The score was 44-30, the Warriors lost. Playing these tougher opponents in non-conference games will help prepare the young team for league games. “St. Helena may be the best team that we play all year, so although we did not win the game I was proud of the way we played,” said coach Daniel Ward. Ward said the team played with a lot of heart and effort as they came back from being 14 points down at the half to tie it up in the fourth quarter. Carson Lowrie accounted for over 267 yards in the game. He threw eight completed passes for 146 yards and ran the ball for another 104 yards. Lowrie was responsible for three scores of the game, with two of the scoring plays touchdowns. Lowrie also recovered a fumble with a return of 37 yards. Lowrie came out of the game with a shoulder injury, but is expected to return for next week’s game against Rio Vista. “Carson is great with his run reads and is getting better every week as passer,” said Ward. Offensively, the Warriors played well. David Reyes caught five passes with a gain of 75 yards, and had one touchdown. Tony Garcia caught four passes gaining 71 yards for the Warriors. Aiden Cruz carried the ball 61 yards and had one touchdown. Kicker Julian Solorio had six points in the game, from three PATs and one field goal. “Offensively I was happy with our performance and we threw the ball a lot better this week which is something that we will need to continue to improve on as the season progresses,” said Ward. “It was great to see David (Reyes) get his first varsity touchdown on a 36 yard strike to tie the game in the fourth quarter.” On the defensive side of the ball, Lowrie, Reyes and Jose Escobedo had six tackles each. The strongest players on defense were Ian Trojanowski and Cooper Andres who each had seven tackles, and Dylan Adams who had eight tackles. Fernando Gutierrez on the defensive line had a fumble recovery at the line of scrimmage. “Defensively we really struggled to get stops. Part of that was that St. Helena runs a difficult offense to defend and they happen to be very good at it,” Ward remarked. Junior Varsity Football The junior varsity football team had a hard game on Friday night when they took on St Helena. The Warriors fought but could not prevail. The game ended in a loss for junior varsity with a score of 56-7. The Warriors started as a solid team when Ethan Judd made the first touchdown of the game. Junior varsity was unable to move the football enough the rest of the game for any other scoring play. The Warriors offensive line was as sturdy as they have ever been for the young team. The offensive protected quarterback Matt Moore, letting no one through. “St. Helena’s defense was strong and fast only holding us to one touchdown,” said coach Nathan Plitt. The Warriors defense was unable to stop St. Helena’s high powered offensive line on the run. Their offense was much like their defense, strong and fast. Next week the football teams will travel to their first away game of the season playing against Rio Vista High School in a non-conference game. Junior varsity starts at 5:30 p.m. and Varsity at 7:30 p.m.]]>

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