WHS celebrated homecoming with the traditional powderpuff game

Read about last week’s powderpuff game and check out our slideshow of photos.
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On Wednesday Sept. 25, Winters High School held their annual powderpuff competition on Dr. Sellers Field between the senior class of 2020 and junior class of 2021. The bleachers were packed with peers and family members dressed in class colors, while juniors and seniors took the field and got ready to put on a show.

Coached by Agustin Jimenez and Joe Mariani, the senior class came out ready to play and determined to show everyone why they were the team to beat. It became evident that coaches Jimenez and Mariani knew the strengths of each of their players and created their plays around Elina Perez, who had her hands on the ball almost every play. Perez scored two of the four touchdowns for the seniors, ran in a two point conversion and assisted in several other plays carrying the ball for gained yardage and executing precise throws.

While Perez played a great game, she wasn’t alone. Kennedy Rivera received a pass from Bianca Mora, scoring the third touchdown for the seniors, and Annie Ramos also scored a touchdown off of a received pass with only minutes left in the game. Cara Baker and Rose Rooney both scored an extra two point conversion for the seniors, putting their final score at 30.

Other key players on the offensive end for the senior class were Vivian Del Toro and Molly Moore, who carried the ball several times and made several great runs. Del Toro also had an interception in the third quarter. Jocelyn McMillan and Mora both made smart passes which helped their team get closer to the end zone. On the defensive end Monzerrat Garcia, Faviola Guzman, Margaret McCrary, Emilia Orosco and Audrey Saechao were relentless and ripped the flags from any player that came their way.

It was evident that the seniors came out to win, but the junior class wasn’t going to go down without a fight. Coached by Cooper Andres, Tony Garcia and Hunter Godden, the junior’s quickly realized that they would need to play a strong defensive game if they had any chance at taking down the seniors.

Xiomara Guzman and Mallory Layne proved themselves to be extremely valuable players. Defensively, Guzman’s speed made the seniors think twice about running her way, and while on offense she ran the ball several times and made textbook throws to receiving team members. Layne carried the ball several times and with only minutes left in the game she ran the ball 80 yards, resulting in a touchdown. Katie Pelletier scored the extra two point conversion for the juniors just before the end of the game.

Layne and Pelletier weren’t the only juniors to cross into the end zone. Itzel Rodriguez was responsible for the junior’s first touchdown off of a pass from Guzman. Stephanie Angel, Victoria Banuelos, Yolanda Covarrubias, Liliana Gonzalez and Sarai Leon all put in work on the defensive line. While their efforts were recognized and appreciated, it just wasn’t enough to stop the seniors from winning the game with a final score of 30-14.

The girls played a great game but powderpuff wouldn’t be complete without the sideline cheers and halftime show. Coached by Ruby Arizaga, Alejandra Junez and Lillian Wirth, the junior boys did an impeccable dance routine with high kicks, stunts, cartwheels and several confetti cannons, but it was the green tie-dye crop tops and velvet shorts that pushed their well choreographed routine over the top.

The seniors may have been winning the game but they had a tough act to beat when it came to the halftime show. The senior boys shimmied and shook to the song “All I do is Win” and threw Jorge Hernandez several feet into the air. Brooke Benson, Krystal Garcia and Macy Paschoal, the senior cheer coaches, choreographed a crowd pleasing routine that exceeded expectations.


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