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“As You Like It” premiered August 2nd in Director Laure Olson’s third presentation of Shakespeare Under the Stars for The Winters Theater Company. In a rich comedy, the cast celebrates familiar Shakespearean fluidities between genders and showcases the unprejudiced irrationality of love. It very well shows they have been practicing their lines and preparing the piece since mid-June. Hera (Germaine Hupe) opened with a plot summary for those who might otherwise be left behind by Shakespeare’s Early Modern English.   Cameron Toney masterfully handled hundreds of lines for the main character Rosalind. Her lines were witty, carefully placed, well-timed, and professionally delivered. Her counterpart Cody Svozil was similarly enthralling and obviously had a thrilling time with his presentation of Orlando. His delivery ranged from passionate anger to an ardent love full of verisimilitude. As Rosalind’s cousin, Elizabeth Williams portrayed Celia’s patient guidance with poise and grace and her mischievous whimsy with sly wit. Jim Hewlett’s jaunty Touchstone happily delivered many jests and philosophy. Phoebe (Sarah Thompson) ran characteristically hot and cold, spurning her unrequited love and convincingly fixating on Ganymede (Cameron Toney). And the Duchess (Lizeth Flores) inspired genuine fear and reverence in her portrayal of the most powerful and influential character in the story. Finally, and throughout the play, Sarah Thompson and Shelly Ann Foster stole the stage with several stellar singing performances that you do not want to miss. The set design, lighting, and sound really hit the bar, allowing seamless cues and transitions between scenes. Unwired actors needed only to project their voices toward three boundary mics center stage to clearly amplify their voices above our crunchy snacks and slurpy rootbeer floats.   Madame Lebeau (Laurel Brittain)… Comfortable outside around the community, on the lawn behind the community center, in the comfort of your own chair on a warm summer evening.]]>

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