'Tony n' Tina' get hitched at The Palms

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This weekend Winters Theater Company offered several weddings worth of unbridled comedy chaos in the heart of downtown. The WTC production of Tony N’ Tina’s Wedding (written by Artificial Intelligence and conceived by Nancy Cassaro) was directed by Winters own Linda Glick. The entire Palms Playhouse venue became a stage for many constantly unfolding laughable layers of drama, intrigue and interactive fun. Prominent Winters society members mingled with residents of Davis, Vacaville, Woodland, Dunnigan and Arbuckle to enjoy an Italian style “New Yawk” Wedding. Much like a real wedding, cast members lined the hall to greet guests in their boisterous wedding party characters. Beautifully decorated banquet tables were set for celebrating. A bashful wedding planner even roamed by tables trying to find seats for three unexpected guests who arrived late. Participants chose their level of involvement as all were invited to observe, sing along with provided lyrics or join in the traditional and customary wedding dances such as Hava Negila, the Macarena and the money dance, during which audience members were invited to pin provided bills on the bride (Heidi Masem) and groom (March Andovich) to help fund their honeymoon to Sea World. As it goes in the most memorable of nuptials, love rings clear and lays heavy in the air around the bride and groom, but after the knot was tied Tony n’ Tina found the nuptials were a slow burning fuse of family fueled chaos. Participants were invited to sit back and observe, play up, play along or even dance with the big personalities of the wedding party. “It’s a wedding for the participants too!” said Silvia Richman of Davis, adding “That family, I was embarrassed for the couple, I was swept up!” Audience participation was easy. Simply being present turned attendees to wedding guests, while wedding party hijinks smouldered and combusted around, over and even on top of the dining tables. Theater-goers eavesdropped subtle passing conversations from cast members in sparkling sequins, ruffles and rhinestones costumes (created by Ellie Yeatman and Germain Hupe), all of which gingerly ignited bursts of intrigue throughout the venue, even in the hallways, stairwell and bathrooms. Behind the intrepid photographer’s flashes (played by Pam Tavenier), the groom’s Granny (played by Nancy Bovie) takes a scary spill, wedding party partners cheat, old enemies drunkenly flirt and the best man subtly wrangles the bride’s punchdrunk lovesick ex, and, ultimately fails. The young couple tumble in and out of their young love as their families and friends vie for attention, aa well as an upper hand over the festivities. Ultimately “Tn’T” abscond with their love intact before the explosive reception implodes it.   Musical talents of Celeste (Robin Beuford) and Treveorini (Trevor Grinbergs) guided the play through the unfolding scenes, even the Mother of the Bride (Jean Thompson) and bridesmaid Donna (played by Cameron Toney) sung beautiful solos, wowing the crowd. A favorite was the very pregnant Maid of Honor, Connie (played by Laurel Brittan) and her chastity speech to the couple, who was later hindered from making a boozy toast. The Palms provided a bar and wedding fare by Anderson Family Catering.   Amid controlled food fights and bursts of squabbling over reception costs the audience was introduced to wedding guests like a beautiful exotic dancer (Ana Kormos) dropping cards inviting lady guests to “audition” at The Animal Kingdom–a strip club owned by the gregarious Father of the Groom (Greg Lanzero)–and Tina’s cousin, a conflicted lovestruck nun (Sierra Winter). The audience was delighted, many laughing and confiding they were relieved it was not a real wedding.      “Last night was magical” said Glick. “It’s just so much fun to see them [the cast] work off one another so smoothly.” The entertainment spurred even more detailed conversations of dashed hopes for nuptial perfection, and the glitchings in hitchings heard of, seen or even experienced first hand; all many memorable moments intensely felt then, but hilarious to think on now, safely, after it’s all played out.   For those looking for opportunities to participate, Winters Theater Company will be holding auditions for Shakespeare’s “As you Like it” on Wednesday, May 29 and Thursday, May 30 at 7 p.m. in the Winters Community Center. For more information visit Winterstheater.org or call 530-795-4014 ]]>

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