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blankBillie Bishop (above) brought his Winters Express to France, as part of his quest to research his family. He visited with Marie Madeleine Renouf, who has flowers for the Americans who liberated France in World War II. (Courtesy photo)

Miss Caron is in the front row; in the back row from left to right are: Miss Constant, Miss Renouf, Miss Sehier, Miss Madelein and Miss Leborgne. This post card picture was taken June 14, 1944. (Eight days after D-Day). The small town is Isigny-sur-Mer, France. General Charles de Gaulle is scheduled to arrive in 20 minutes. Marie Madeleine Renouf left her garden with flowers. Organizers selected her and these children to present their flowers to the general. When the General arrived, all the girls presented their flowers directly to him in appreciation for his part in liberating their small town. Someone grabbed Marie Madeleine’s flowers and handed them to the visiting general. She did not get a chance to present her flowers, and would like to try again. She wishes to present these flowers directly to Winters – and the U.S.— in appreciation for its part in liberating France. Contact Marie Madeleine Renouf by mail at: CARE OF Angué Magali, 8 Rue Durant, 14710 Saint-Laurent-sur-Mer, France. (Life Magazine photo)blank

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