A Quick Opinion: Are national politics interfering with my life?

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A Winters Express opinion column

By Charley Wallace
Publisher Emeritus

It is hard to ignore national politics as the United States Supreme Court turns its conservative attention on laws that affect us all. Let me add that I many agree with some of their decisions, but most are not to my liking. Living in liberal California, hopefully, will shield us from Supreme Count decisions that take away our rights.

They started with telling New York that their gun laws were unconstitutional, and then decided that abortion laws should be controlled by states. Now they decided that a coach praying with his players at midfield is okay. The nine judges include six Catholics, one of the Jewish faith, and two Protestants, one of which was raised Catholic. Not even close to the make up of the United States, where 45 percent identify as non-Catholic Christian, or Protestant.

One worry that I have is that Justice Clarence Thomas, in a written opinion, stated that he thought the court should look at banning the purchase of contraceptives without a prescription, same-sex relationships and same-sex marriages. I’m not a big term limit supporter, but some of these justices just have to go.

Do you really want someone telling you that you can’t use contraceptives, even if you are married, or that you can’t buy them for your children? Gay rights is in real jeopardy. Justice Thomas is in a mixed marriage. Maybe we should go back in history and ban inter-racial marriages?

If you believe that states should decided for themselves which laws they want to obey, hold on to your hat for when minority rights start disappearing, or for that matter, your rights. Governor Newsom said it best when he stated, “You’re next.” It is getting harder and harder to be a moderate Republican, if there are any left.

I’ve mention it before, but California has too many people and too few affordable houses. I encourage anyone that doesn’t like it here to move to a red state and see if you like it better there? Same for people living in red states that might not like the way their state oppresses liberals and minorities. They are more than welcome in California.

California is something like one million homes short of demand. Maybe with a few more Supreme Court decisions, and states jumping on the band wagon, we can get a million and half households to leave California, and a half of million families to move back. We can also vote anti-incumbent and see it that helps, but good luck with that plan.

Most decision made in Washington don’t affect us living in California, we already spend more than most in taxes and living expenses. But when they start attacking our way of life, it is time to pay attention. There isn’t a lot we can do as we already, overwhelmingly, vote Democratic, so hang on for the ride, it might be fun to watch.

Stay safe and have a good week.

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