A Quick Opinion: Cockroaches and Congress have a lot in common

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A Winters Express Op-ed column By Charley Wallace This is turning out to be a bad year for cockroaches, according to everyone I talk to. I’ve tried traps and sprays, but nothing seems to work. I’ll keep trying until they surrender. Comparing the U.S. Congress with cockroaches is an insult to cockroaches. I can’t understand the animosity that both political parties have for each other. Congress was in session on Jan. 6 when a mob attacked the capitol — so those in power saw what happened — but Republicans are in denial while Democrats try to make this a political issue. Over 400 people have been charged in the insurrection that tried to keep Congress from certifying the Electoral College vote. There were rumors that some of the protesters were given personal tours of the capitol the day before the planned protest. Did anyone in Congress help plan this attack? Why weren’t the Capitol Police ready for the rioters? The police shot one woman while she was breaking through a window. Why didn’t they just shoot everyone who came through the broken windows or doors? How organized were those dressed in military gear and who planted the bombs that didn’t go off? Simple questions may never be answered. I don’t like either of the two main political parties, but they should at least come together to document what happened that day. It was a sad day for America, and it isn’t getting any better with the representatives that we elected. Trying to sweep Jan. 6 under the rug won’t make the memory of that day go away. On a more somber subject, the flags around town and at the cemetery remind us that we all owe a debt of gratitude to those who served to protect us. We may all like the long weekend, but for some of us, every weekend is a long weekend. Those who gave their all so that we can live free shouldn’t be forgotten. For the past two years, there haven’t been Memorial Day services at the cemetery. Last year was because of COVID-19, and this year, apparently, no one stepped up after the local VFW disbanded. I’ve been assured that next year, there will be Memorial Day services at the cemetery, and I hope it will be well attended. The Historical Society of Winters is getting ready to open “The Lost Japanese Community of Winters” exhibit. The museum displays will cover the first Japanese to come to the Winters area, to when the Japanese Americans were interned during WWII. Every high school student in Winters should learn what happened to the Japanese following the attack on Pearl Harbor. The forced relocation of American citizens in 1942 should not be forgotten, nor should the attack on our Capitol on Jan. 6.

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