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A Winters Express op-ed column

By Charley Wallace Just when I thought I could burn the rest of my masks, the Center for Disease Control tells us that even fully vaccinated people should be wearing masks inside. The CDC hasn’t done a good job of explaining themselves as the virus keeps changing and they keep learning about variants. First they tell us that if you are fully vaccinated you are good to go, both inside and outside, but now . . . Being fully vaccinated, I felt like superman and didn’t worry about catching COVID-19, or passing it on to those that aren’t vaccinated. Now I’m wondering how safe we all are? This virus is like a space alien that keeps changing (mutating) every time it is attacked. Luckily, the vaccines seem to be effective against these mutations, even the newest one, Delta. It does appear that the vaccines won’t keep us from passing along this Delta variant to the anti-vaxxers or those that can’t get vaccinated. Even if the fully vaccinated don’t seem to get as sick, hospitalized, or die, I don’t want to expose myself, friends or family to this virus. Even if there is a small chance of getting sick and dying, why take that chance? There is a Friday the 13th this month, and having a party just seems wrong and not worth the chance that someone will expose the rest of us. I think that the chance of someone getting sick, or worse, is small, I’m not sure I want to take that chance, no matter how slight. It is like going hunting with someone that has never fired a gun before; scary and not worth the risk. Better that they take a hunter safety class, get some experience on the range and then join the group. Even then, everyone would be watching out for them to make sure they don’t shoot someone, or themselves. I’m speaking from experience, but that is another column. A lot of weddings, funerals and other events were cancelled last year because of COVID-19 and there is a lot of pent up demand to return to normal. We seemed to be on our way until this variant showed up infecting a lot of unvaccinated people and filling our hospitals, again. Vaccinations are increasing as people hear and read more about this Delta virus. Not fast enough to keep more people from getting sick and dying, but maybe we can get to what they call herd immunity, about 85 percent vaccinated, or previously infected. You don’t want to hear a loved one tell you on their death bed that they had wished they had gotten vaccinated. If you choose not to be vaccinated, please stay away from my office. A friend brought a 74-year-old maskless man into my office last week and I offered him a cold drink. I don’t know why I waited so long but toward the end of his visit I asked him if he was vaccinated. I was shocked when he said that he was thinking about it. He is not welcome back. Stay safe and I’ll see you all at the next Friday the 13th celebration, May of 2022. First beverage is on me.

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