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A Winters Express op-ed column By Charley Wallace For all of the people that make Winters such a special place, we should all shout out a big thank you. Winters is like a big wagon wheel with a lot of spokes and sometimes it feels like we are coasting downhill with the wind at our backs. There have been times when the axle needs a little grease and a few of our spokes need repair, but we keep rolling along. Whenever I’m involved in a new event, I’m amazed how people step up, whether that is buying a sausage breakfast ticket (over 250), or showing up to help clean up. After leaving the Rotary/Fire Dept. Volunteers Breakfast, I passed Mariani’s parking lots which was marked for fireworks parking. Volunteers were there to help people park their vehicles and accept a few dollars for next year’s fireworks. There were people setting up at the high school in anticipation of the upcoming fireworks display. Then there were the fireworks themselves. These events don’t just happen by themselves. Someone has to be in charge and make sure all of the parts fit together, and so far, that keeps happening. Every once in a while we hit a home run, like the Tractor Parade, the car shows on Main Street or the Earthquake Festival. I struck out with a fruit and nut festival, but you can’t win them all. There is a rumor that the local Soroptimist Club is closing down, along with the sports boosters at the high school. I’ve read that service clubs are having problems attracting and keeping members and I see that locally as well. Even the Boy and Girl Scouts are having trouble getting young people involved, and that includes their parents. Youth Day has been postponed until next April and I’ve been asked by people if Youth Day will be back? I don’t know why it won’t be back. Youth Day has changed over the years and I would expect it to continue to evolve. Will it ever be as popular as in the 1950s and 60s? Maybe not, but who knows what the future holds for a great local tradition. Winters is know for its volunteers, and as we add more homes and families, there should be another generation of new leaders raising their hands to keep Winters remain a great place to live and work. Will we find another next Mike Sebastian, Howard Hupe or Bobbie Greenwood? They are just a few of the super volunteers who we have had over the years. They replaced others that formed the foundation for this town and preceded those whose names are still waiting to be announced. I could start listing people that I think influenced Winters in my lifetime, like Wayne Ireland, Warren Tufts, Drs. Young or Doc. Goheen. I might even mention the Wallaces, Marianis and the Lorenzos, but the list is endless so I’ll stop and just give a general thank you to all who volunteer and take up leadership positions in Winters. We do appreciate all that you do to keep Winters Winters. Enjoy your summer and have a good week.

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