Card skimmer found inside local Bank of America ATM machine

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On June 30 the Winters Police Department was notified that a credit card skimming device had been discovered inside the Bank of America ATM machine on Main Street. Winters Police Chief John P. Miller told the Express the incident is currently under investigation with assistance from Bank of America. Winters PD was informed that a technician found the skimming device inside the Main Street Bank of America ATM during a maintenance check. Any residents who have used the Bank of America ATM located at 101 Main St. are encouraged be pay close attention to their bank statements and report any fraudulent charges to the Winters Police Department at 530-795-4561. In a June 30 social media post, Winters PD described a credit card skimmer as a small device that is attached in front of or on top of a legitimate card scanner. When an individual inserts a card the skimmer records the card data, which can then be loaded onto other cards and used to make fraudulent purchases.

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