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An affliction with scoliosis is enough to get one bent out of shape. Luckily, Dr. James Stirton from Winters Chiropractic is back to straighten things out regarding this detrimental condition.

Essentially, scoliosis is an abrupt curvature of the spine. Although its primary cause is unknown, there are plenty of factors that contribute to it and is prevalent in young people.

“Several factors come into play with adolescence. Their tissues are flexible but not as strong. They lack muscle tone and are more susceptible to the forces bending the spine out of its proper structure,” Stirton said, breaking down the causes. “We also have kids carrying heavy backpacks on their dominant shoulder, which will overburden the shoulder and create a tightness on one side and pull the spine out of place.”

The idiopathic — or unknown — nature of scoliosis renders it incurable. Bleak as this may seem, early identification and preemptive measures are proven to be most effective. Unfortunately, many young adults opt to neglect care, which — in Stirton’s experience — is the primary contributor to scoliosis and the crippling effects it yields later in life.

“A lot of times kids and teenagers don’t want to come into doctor visits and paint themselves into a corner. Some will have pronounced curves where medical intervention is needed,” Stirton said cautioning against neglect. “We want to avoid rods and screws. They’re inserted to stop the curve but it’s not good for the patient’s overall wellbeing in life because we’re meant to have mobile spines.”

When one waits too long to counteract scoliosis, the effects become permanent. This is why early intervention is critical and minimizes the potentially devastating disabilities one would face if left unchecked.

“The best thing to do in my opinion is to see a chiropractor on a regular basis. Scoliosis requires a trained practitioner because not all cases are the same,” Stirton explained. “Chiropractors prefer to do as much restoration and maintenance of a condition instead of waiting to the degree and severity that surgery is the next intervention.”

Another variable to consider is one’s diet. Proper nutrition and supplementation also help the joints, ligaments and muscles in the body.

“It’s one of the reasons people come in and see me — neglect of nutritional healing. Our body breaks down from it,” said Stirton. “It’s more than muscles and discs that need healing, you need different nutrients to heal different aspects of your body.”

To put things in perspective, Stirton suggests one should visit their chiropractor like they visit their dentist. If left unchecked, what would have been an inexpensive fix, turns into a large, costly problem.

Stirton isn’t just talk, however, he’s putting words into action and offering a free scoliosis check for any adolescent. All one must do is call his office at 530-795-4500 and mention this article. It’s like the good doctor always says, “If you’re not certain, ask Dr. Stirton.”

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