City Council approves resolutions on appropriation limits, budgets and fees


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The Winters City Council met on June 21 for its regularly scheduled meeting, working through the agenda in under 40 minutes and unanimously approved all agenda items.

Highlights from the meeting and business conducted include:

Resolution 2022-52: The resolution establishes the City of Winters Appropriation Limit, which by law restricts the amount of government revenue that can be appropriated in any fiscal year.

The Appropriation Limit applies to revenues defined as “proceeds of taxes.” The calculation is based on actual appropriations during the 2021-22 fiscal year and is increased by applying specific economic and population growth factors. Based on these factors, the city’s Appropriations Limit was increased over last fiscal year by a factor of 1.078834, yielding an Appropriation Limit for fiscal year 2022-23 of $9,904,986.

Ordinance 2022-06: The ordinance permits the Winters Police Department to enter into a Tow Service Agreement (TSA) with Winters Tow Service, which has been vetted by the CHP. The TSA is non-exclusive and allows WPD to add another tow company into the rotational tow list should one become available.

“Essentially, we’re not changing the policy we’ve already had in place, we’re just making it formal, putting it on the books. We’re not changing any of our procedures for towing,” Mayor Pro Tem Bill Biasi clarified.

Resolution 2022-54: The resolution approved the adoption of the California Concealed Weapons (CCW) fee schedule. Winters Police Chief John P. Miller introduced the item to council making clear that the resolution relates only to adding a $150 fee to the fee schedule for processing Concealed Carry Weapons (CCW) applications.

Miller said the California Penal Code gives a police chief authority to issue CCW permits, but by mutual agreement and for decades the Yolo County Sheriff’s Department has handled issuing permits to residents of Winters.

In April, Yolo County Sheriff Tom Lopez notified WPD they would no longer process CCW permits citing it has become too much of an administrative load. As of July 1, the WPD will be responsible for screening and processing CCW applications and renewals.

Miller advised that WPD will contract processing out to a company that utilizes an automated processing system. An upfront fee of $3,000 is required, but over time the processing fees are expected to zero out the upfront fee.

Resolution 2022-56: The resolution adopts the City Conflict of Interest Code. City Manager Kathleen Salguero Trepa said every two years the city is required to update its conflict of interest code. Trepa explained the recommended changes are “very minor” and made only to reflect job title changes for the Director of Administrative Services, Executive Assistant to the City Manager, Deputy City Clerk and adding the job title of Senior Planner.

Resolution 2022-57: Council approved the adoption of the fiscal year 2022-23 operating budget. Council received an operating budget workshop at the June 7 council meeting. With some “minor changes” made to the operating budget, like increasing building permit revenue by $23,000 and transferring that amount to the landfill fund to cover monitoring costs of the closed landfill and $7,100 in expenses in the Community Oriented Policing Services (COPS) Program to purchase officer safety equipment.

Additionally, the Special Revenue Fund was increased by $1.2 million to reflect recently approved block grants and American Rescue Plan (ARP) funding. The funding, Trepa said, has been earmarked for corresponding expenditures leaving a forecasted surplus of approximately $98,000 in the General Fund.

Council approved 2022-58 — the 2022-23 fiscal year Capital Improvement Program Budget (CIP) that was discussed in detail in a CIP workshop during the June 7 council meeting. Added to the $6 million CIP was a 200K project funded by ARP money to install 15 to 20 ADA compliant transition ramps in the downtown area.

Biasi raised his concern that building permit revenue is being over-projected given uncertainty in the economy and the possibility of a recession. He noted council could review the matter in six months.

The next city council meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, July 5. Council meeting agendas, minutes and meeting videos can be found on the city’s website,

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