Flavor Fave: Pulled pork flatbread pizza

(Aaron Geerts/Winters Express)

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Patios One through 28 are in big trouble these days because Patio 29’s food options are just as delicious and tantalizing to the palate as their spirits. Yes, my food reviews are a brown-nosing bonanza, but I can’t help but sing the praises of Patio 29’s pulled pork flat bread pizza because it is — without a doubt — my pick for this week’s Flavor Faaave!

Let’s be honest, just saying ‘pulled pork flatbread pizza’ is enough to make your mouth water (it did, didn’t it?). It jumped off the menu page and said to me, “Aaron, buddy, we both know you’re getting me. Don’t deny it.” Indeed, the pizza was right, but I perused over the menu anyway because the other food options looked, well, quite delicious.

When my order came, it just appeared — for lack of a better word — sexy. The cheese was plentiful, the red onions and peppers gave the flat bread some tasty curves, the pulled pork was a savory sensation and the barbecue sauce tied it all together with a sweetness that’ll make you bite at any hand that tries to reach in for it.

At first taste, you can tell this flatbread is something special, something you don’t want to share and something that might — unfortunately — keep you from ordering anything else on the menu. From the taste to the quality to the unbeatable $10 price point (yes, the Winters Express reimburses me, but that’s beside the point), Patio 29’s pulled pork flatbread pizza is a palate-pleaser to say the least. To say the most, it’s no wonder it’s this week’s Flavor Faaave.

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