Following loss, WHS alumnus Katie Fry rediscovers her voice

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After losing her job to COVID and her childhood home in the LNU Lightning Complex fires, Katie Fry had every reason to call it quits. Instead, she turned the adversity into an opportunity to rediscover her love of music.

After graduating from Winters High School in 2000, Fry joined a band and wrote her own music throughout her 20s. Up until COVID hit, this musician was playing nostalgic and therapeutic tunes with her harp for the elderly in hospice care.

“I get to play music from the 1920s to 1950s, something that an 80 or 90-year-old would have listened to when they were a teen,” Fry said describing how the pandemic impacted her life. “I lost my job and was like, ‘OK, I have nothing to do now.’ So I started writing again. I’ve challenged myself to write non-love songs because other topics don’t come as easily.”

Inspiration for her next song, unfortunately, would be inspired by the devastation of the LNU fire.

“I live in Rocklin now, but my parents’ and my childhood home were lost. It was hard to see them displaced. In the healing process it was the type of grief I wasn’t ready to experience,” Fry said explaining how she wrote her new song. “I play therapeutic music for others, but this time it was for myself. I just picked up my guitar, thought about everything growing up in Winters and I wrote my song called ‘My California.’”

The song’s lyrics are filled with memories of swimming in Lake Berryessa, tailgate parties and even references the real green river.

“I’m just getting back into it and have a totally different mindset than the first time around,” Fry said about getting her musical mojo back. “I play the guitar and piano and record in my closet, then have my friend Andrew Lozano mixing it.”

Fry is also working on another song called “One Foot At A Time” that focuses on current social issues.

“It’s all about empathy and in response to the different social hardships our society is facing this year,” Fry said explaining the messages within her song. “It’s about realizing you’re not as different as someone else, because we all put our shoes on one foot at a time. It’s also about kindness and understanding.”

Before the pandemic hit, Fry decided to unplug from social media and all of the drama that comes with it. With her mind clear, this musician was able to reflect and return to her art of making music.

After her break from social media, Fry is back on to promote her music. One can find her on Facebook and Instagram by searching “katiefrymusic” or visiting her website

Fry’s music and melodies will be played live on Aug. 5 where she’ll be performing at Green River Brewing & Taproom in Winters.

“I just want to say thank you to all my friends and people who’ve encouraged me to do this,” Fry said. “I’ve always had a shy side, and you really put yourself out there performing live. Thank you for all the support.”

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