Foxglove flooding occurrence

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Our Foxglove home was one of three that flooded on Wednesday, Jan. 16 from the uncontrolled detention pond overflowing. The neighbors were kind enough to ring the doorbell at 8:30 p.m. to make us aware of the flooding they had come home to. Sure enough the water had filled our garage and was seeping into our home from three sides while the flow was attempting to move towards the street. We were in more than a foot deep of water before we knew what was happening and immediately opened our gates to allow the water to pass thru to the street. We reached out to other neighbors in the area, while dark, to help us tarp and push every piece of yard furniture and heavy item we could get our hands on to put against the back of the house to try and mitigate the water continuing to flow heavily into the house. Five neighbors helped until midnight and then we finally gave up on sweeping water out of our garage and putting down every dry towel, rug and bed sheet we owned on the inside mess at 3:00 am. Since the occurrence, we have had to pack up and/or toss everything from the first floor of our home. We’ve had the public works crew come to help load items into storage. We’ve had 12 neighbors assist in taking down all wall hangings, curtains/rods, packing up a full kitchen, living room, family room and moving every item on our first floor to dry locations for our demolition. Additionally, one neighbor is housing half our items in his garage and must park outside due to this inconvenience in addition to our own. Unfortunately, we were not in a position to have our home remediated as soon as other neighbors due to the unexpected costs and extreme financial hardship we’ve been put in.  After one full month we had our drywall, carpets, laminate and kitchen ripped out and found 6” of mold growing behind the walls and standing water under the flooring. Moisture levels are being monitored continuously before they can begin any type of build back. The dry out is taking longer than expected due to the continuing rains and cold weather. We have already incurred more than $75,000 in expenses and expect this amount to increase going forward. We are living part time in our camper and part time in the upstairs where there is little space to move and function normally. Not knowing what the outcome of our claim will be, adds much stress to our frustration in an already difficult living and economic situation. We have made multiple attempts to contact the responsible party’s insurance for the status of our claim. Friday, Feb. 22, well over a month after the flooding, was the first contact they made to homeowners, with their apologies. Going forward we want our story to encourage the community to be aware of how this developer handles their business and keep a close eye on what takes place with the outstanding claims against them. Our hopes are that they want to make a positive impact on the Winter’s community and make things right with all those affected by the unfortunate event of our properties being flooded.]]>

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