Guest Column: Political Kool-Aid hypocrisy

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By Richard Martin Special to the Express

Before responding to Charley Wallace’s column (Jan. 13), I would like to thank him for all the work he has done in the community over the years and always standing up for what he believes in. He gave me my first job as a teenager, delivering newspaper on a bike. I have a great deal of respect for Charley and this response is not a rebuke on Charley himself but on the double standards our nation is facing within the media, regardless of which flavor Kool-Aid you’re gulping, Cherry or Blue Raz.

What I feel Charley and I have in common is that everybody is entitled to their own opinion. Whether you agree or not, it is simply that individual’s opinion, not necessarily fact. The article touches on each parties’ extremes to a certain degree. I find issue with Charley’s narrative that Trump falsely claims the election was stolen without evidence. I am neither agreeing or disagreeing with this statement, let’s look at the past four years.

Charley can reach back to 1978, failing to remember the past four years. Prior to being inaugurated, Trump was under attack by the left with repeated false claims, beginning with the Steele Dossier, the Multi-Million Dollar Mueller Report and the Ukraine “scandal.” Where the house impeached Trump without evidence, while at the same time video surfaces of VP Joe Biden stating he leveraged Ukraine aid to oust a prosecutor, the exact thing they were trying to remove Trump from office for. The only thing lacking was evidence. Ask Adam Schiff about his “direct evidence” to Russia, while he and multiple left politicians parade around late night TV shows like celebrities, spewing lies that go unpunished.

The left wants you to believe that Trump created trust issues with our election process. Surely the media condemned Nancy Pelosi’s tweet stating the 2016 Election was stolen, Maxine Waters calling for people to get in the faces of those holding a differing view, the tweet by Eric Swalwell threatening US Citizens with nukes, baseless smears against Justice Brett Kavanaugh, while evenly addressing those lobbed against Biden by Tara Reid. Surely the media condemned Pelosi when she admitted withholding stimulus funds until after the election because “it’s a new President.” Wait, none of this happened? The questioning of our elections began with the Hillary funded Steele Dossier; it is reckless to continue this narrative that all things evil are due to Trump.

Our basic rights as Americans are under attack and this should frighten us all, no matter which side of the political spectrum you fall. My issue is the left wants to tell you how to think, how to speak, what you can or cannot do. Video is surfacing of Twitter’s Jack Dorsey stating this is only the beginning after censoring Trump. The Parler app was shut down because Big Tech did not agree with what the platform offers, and content is being erased from platforms like YouTube that doesn’t fall in line with the left’s agenda. Free speech is disappearing, while the assault on religion and Law Enforcement needs to be addressed before it’s too late. What happens when half of our country finally decides that enough is enough?

Our country has drifted too far left and right. This is not a one-sided problem, fault lies within both parties. I urge all Americans to take a step back, unplug from your social media, and start looking at the big picture. Start asking questions. Why are we locked up in our homes and children not at school, as Gavin Newsom eats $2,500 dinners and sends his children to in-person learning? Why has law enforcement been vilified across the country; with multiple officers dying during “peaceful” and acceptable protests by the left, while politicians enjoy private security? Why does Kamala Harris condemn the terrible acts that took place at our Capitol on Jan. 6 but bail out those protesting on the left? Court houses and police stations have been under attack for months but suddenly it is the Capitol that draws the scrutiny?

I disagree with what happened on Jan. 6 and am sickened by the actions that took place, but these actions need to be called evenly across the board. Why does the media claim the Obama Administration was scandal free when the terrible acts of Benghazi took place under their watch, while the value of the American dollar shrank as pallets of cash were air dropped to terrorists, to name a few? Why does the left media want to talk about “science” when Dr. Fauci is around but completely ignores scientists in the same field who disagree, or the word gender gets brought up?

I was born with a brain of my own and it still seems to be functioning just fine. We’re pawns in a politician’s world, who do not truly have our nation’s best interests at heart. I’m much more weary of a politician who became rich while in office versus a rich man who became a politician. No matter your news source, I ask that you stop following blindly without thinking for yourself. God Bless Our Country, we shall prevail.

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