I think it will be the filly that wins this Assembly race

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Just vote for Cecilia.


There — I gave you the bottom line first. But stick around anyway and I’ll explain my reasoning; and no, it’s not because she’s a woman or because she’s the Home Girl. It’s because as the local newspaper editor for more than two decades, (and often the city reporter too), I’ve had plenty of opportunity to observe Cecilia Aguiar-Curry in action.

“In action.”

Cecilia’s always “in action,” whether it’s contributing to bringing major projects to town, like the multi-million PG&E training facility, or running off to regional meetings to represent Winters’ best interests, or showing up to support whatever local event is happening. She’s always there for Winters.

“So,” you’re thinking, down there on Far East Grant Avenue, ” Why should I care about what Cecilia does for Winters? Everyone knows that Davis is the greatest place on Earth and perfect in every way, and whatever happens beyond the Davis periphery is inconsequential, and also boring.”

Why? Track record.

This being Kentucky Derby weekend, let’s make it a horse race. You have one horse with impressive bloodlines — Wolk — but his track record is relatively thin compared to Cecila and Don Saylor, both with long, impressive track records.

Saylor’s is the longest — he can go the distance. But Cecilia’s the speed horse. She pours it on in the home stretch. Me, I’m a sucker for a speed horse. Cecilia has energy to spare. I get tired just thinking about her. I looked at her appointment book once and had to go take a nap. I don’t know what she’s putting in her coffee, but shut up and take my money.

It’s all about track record, people. What Cecilia does for Winters, she’ll do for a larger area. She’s already demonstrated that she has the skills, and those skills are easily transferable to the next level.

“Wouldn’t that be the county level?” you ask.

Fair enough. However, when Yolo County was redistricted awhile back, the western fifth district was cut in half and rendered impotent. It’s impossible for a west Yolo County resident to win a supervisor’s seat. So, why waste time and energy on a hopeless cause? Better to vault right past it, and, that’s just what Cecilia did.

Were Cecilia not in the race, I’d happily support Saylor, even though he participated in that evil redistricting vote. That said, he’s made a huge effort to kiss and make up with Winters. He’s always here. Every time I turn around, there he is again — and not merely at the big ticket events, but just coming to town, having dinner, talking to people. You’re more likely to run into Saylor in Winters than me. Also, when I’ve had a county issue, if I contact Saylor, I get an immediate response.

This pleases The Queen immensely.

Although I like Saylor a lot, pound for pound, this handicapper ranks Cecilia as the odds-on favorite. It’s that energy thing. Cecilia is a one-woman machine, grinding away for Winters, 24-7. Her energy is unparalleled. Freakish, almost. She makes the Energizer Bunny scream for mercy.

As for Dan Wolk … he’s an unknown commodity, shiny bloodlines notwithstanding. He’s certainly not been visible to me in any meaningful way here in Winters, and he committed the ultimate transgression: He didn’t ride in our Youth Day Parade last weekend.

For shame.

Youth Day is to Winters what Picnic Day is to Davis. It’s a big, fat deal here, and if you want the community’s support, you must participate. Saylor rode in snazzy style, and over on the Republican side, Charlie Schaupp deserves the “Most Patriotic Float in the Entire History of the World” award. It looked like an American flag factory exploded on his trailer. As for Cecilia, she rode in the parade twice.

But no Dan Wolk.

Sure, his mom, Lois, was there, as she always is, but you can’t get Youth Day Parade credits by proxy. It’s all about being there, and Dan wasn’t. I interpret this to mean that Winters isn’t significant enough in terms of votes to waste time here. It’s more than a mere snub, it’s a huge red flag.

If Dan doesn’t care about Winters, which is literally just down the road, how can he care about Lake County residents who were displaced by the monstrous Valley Fire, and can’t rebuild their homes because they can’t afford the infrastructure required by the state? People are literally stuck camping on their property. There’s a lot to care about in Lake County, and it’s much further down Far West Covell Boulevard than Winters, with even less voting clout, and therefore even less useful. If you only care about people when they’re useful, well, that’s a huge turn-off in my book.

But maybe Dan has been up to Lake County. I don’t know — because he’s been essentially invisible in Winters.

Now, before you suspect that this is all just a sweet, smooth endorsement for Cecilia, let me disabuse you of that notion. It took me a long while to throw my support to her, because I’m still pissed off about the next phase of the Putah Creek Nature Park “restoration,” (snarky quotation marks, mine) which she supports. I’m 100 percent opposed to destroying the last remaining piece of natural habitat, while Cecilia is committed to the bigger picture of creating a complete park package.

She and I will never, ever agree on this issue.


But: Does this one irreconcilable difference of opinion negate Cecilia’s entire public service resume? No. Cecilia’s accomplishments vastly outweigh this one particular issue. I’m reconciling my fury by considering that she truly believes she’s doing the right thing. I just disagree. She says tomayto, I say tomahto.

Oh well.

Here’s the salient point: It’s easy to endorse someone with whom you agree all the time; it’s more difficult — and therefore, more meaningful — to endorse someone with whom you don’t. And although Saylor’s a great guy, for me, it’s Cecilia by a nose.

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