It’ll be a woman who decides our political fate

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The most politically powerful woman in the country right now isn’t Hillary Clinton. It’s Sen. Elizabeth Warren.


It’s this simple: Whomever Warren endorses will win the Democratic primary. Although many Democrats devoutly, fanatically, support Bernie Sanders or Hillary Clinton, there are plenty more like me, particularly amongst independent liberal voters, who sorta, kinda lean one way, but if the other candidate wins, that’s OK, too. For us, Warren’s endorsement is the tipping point for leaning toward Sanders or Clinton.

Besides the fact that Warren is the shining star of the Democratic party, and her fiery words about financial inequity leave most liberals (particularly younger ones) tingling with exhilaration, Warren knows both Sanders and Clinton personally, and has worked with both. Given her balls-to-the-wall passion about the way Wall Street dangles Congress and the entire country on puppet strings, Warren won’t trade her integrity for DNC brownie points. Furthermore, Warren is surely aware that unlike 98 percent of our so-called “leaders,” people trust her. She’s a political unicorn. We can scarcely believe this amazing creature could exist in the murky cesspool we call Congress. Warren’s too smart to squander that trust.

When Warren speaks, we will listen. And we’ll also vote accordingly.

So far, she’s been tight-lipped. Of the 14 female Democratic senators, all have endorsed Clinton — except Warren.

The Berners insist that Warren will endorse Sanders, who sees her as his perfect running mate. I disagree. They’re too similar. Sanders is a unicorn, too. And, Warren would cast a tall shadow over Sanders. She’s the only reason there is a Sanders campaign at all. Warren has been a tigress from the start, fearlessly chipping away at the Wall Street/Congress amalgam. The reason Sanders is doing so well is because Warren didn’t run for president.

Even so, should Sanders win the nomination and choose Warren as a running mate, he’ll be the next president. That said, so would Clinton. A ticket with Warren on it is a ticket to the White House.

Philosophically, a Sanders-Warren ticket is easy to imagine because there are very few wrinkles to smooth out. But it’s two voices singing the same notes. Clinton and Warren have their disagreements, but if they can work them out, then you have two voices singing in harmony, which is a far more interesting song. However, people balk at the notion of a double-female presidential ticket, and declare it would be impossible to win with one. Imagine! A female president and vice president! Preposterous!

And yet… we’ve been electing double-male tickets since day one, without the blink of an eye. That seems completely normal, and no one fusses about whether two people with matching genitalia can be trusted to run the country. As long as that genitalia hangs down.

If you quiver and quake at the thought of an all-female Democratic ticket, please stop and carefully examine the sexism festering in your own mind: you are judging the capability of two people based solely on their genitalia. Not their brains, not their experience… their genitalia. How dumb is that? It’d be just as dumb as supporting a Clinton/Warren ticket purely because they’re female. When you get right down to it, that’s sexism too.

OK, truth in advertising — if the girls win, I’ll be yelling a bigger “woot woot” than usual. But it won’t influence my support. Eight years ago, some of my feminist friends were aghast when I supported Obama over Clinton. I was branded a traitor. Oh well. I’m going to support whoever is the most qualified. Period. Who do I think is that is this time around? Sorry, Berners, but I’m #StandingWithHer.

Don’t get me wrong: I love every single thing Sanders says. I wish he could accomplish every one of his goals. However, based upon the relentless Congressional Republican opposition to everything Obama tried to do, the same thing will certainly happen to Sanders. The only way he can make his shiny campaign materialize is with a Democratic majority in the senate. So, if you support Sanders, start paying attention to the senate races, or all the lollipops and ponies he’s promising will never come to pass. The Republicans will never allow it.

As for Clinton, she’s a warrior. She’s faced nothing but animosity and vitriol from the moment she appeared on the political scene. Her hide’s so thick, you could make a saddle out of it. Critics say she’s part of the political game like it’s a bad thing. Ridiculous! You can’t win the game unless you know how to play, and no one knows how to play the game better than Clinton.

Clinton also has the support from the others playing the game: 38 of the 44 Democratic U.S. senators have endorsed her. Only one has endorsed Sanders. That speaks volumes. However, there’s only one endorsement that matters: Warren’s. Her blessing outweighs the other 43 combined.

Warren will define the winner of the Democratic nomination, and if she lands on the Democratic ticket, she’ll define the winner of the general election. She’ll siphon away those who are so fed up and furious over our Wall Street-imposed serfdom, they’ll support Donald Trump no matter what sort of bilge and nonsense spews from his weirdly round little mouth.

Yes. Warren as VP could ultimately derail the Trump train in November (and yes, it will be Trump). With which running mate? Doesn’t really matter. Warren will be the reason we never have to say “President Trump.” She will decide our country’s future. She is, truly, the most powerful woman in America. Her endorsement seals a Democratic primary victory, and her presence on the Democratic ticket seals the presidency.

Who will that president be? It’s all up to Warren. She’s smart as a whip. She’ll endorse whoever is most well-equipped to promote her goals. I believe that person is Hillary Clinton.

Will I be proved wrong? Only time will tell, because Elizabeth — she ain’t sayin’ nothin’.


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