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“Great glass doors will greet the hotel patrons, and their car is taken care of. Where is that valet going to park their car for a day or two? Do they know?”
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There is lots of work going on at the new hotel in Winters, soon to open in September.

I noted an article in the Express back in June, by Matt Stone, titled, “A First Tour Inside Hotel Winters.” He noted the convenience to hotel patrons of just being able to simply hand their car over to the valet. Great glass doors will greet the hotel patrons, and their car is taken care of. Where is that valet going to park their car for a day or two? Do they know?

I am sure that many of those cars will be parked on Abbey St., and more specifically in front of 106 Abbey St., my home. No parking was designed into the plan for the hotel. I attended the meeting and listened to the parking consultant that was hired by the city. Never did they mention what residents were to do, the concern was the business district. In fact, one of the articles in the Express a few months ago, states: The plan for parking also urges additional street lighting for places like Abbey Street where people have historically been hesitant to park their cars at night. In other words, we need to encourage people to park over on Abbey Street, the favorite spot being 106 Abbey St. I park in front of my home, which I own when I can, as I don’t have a driveway.

When I discussed with the city, the city manager’s solution was to cut a section of my back yard fence out, by the back alley, and drive my car into my back yard on my lawn. That of course would never work, and the alley is too narrow and the Buckhorn catering owns that alley all hours of the day and night.

So, what to do? Could the City spray my curb in front of my house, “resident parking only,” just like City Hall has painted their curb, “30 minute limit”?. No answer from anyone. No answer, because they are encouraging people to park on Abbey Street, we need this for the hotel.

Okay, so I was told that I could park any time I desired in the small city parking lot next to my house. It’s always full daily with City employees. On occasion I did park there if there was a place, then would have to go out at 10 at night and move my car back. This is all before the hotel has even opened!! What happens once it opens and you have hotel guests and hotel employees? Hotel employees have already discovered Abbey Street.

In Davis, if you live in a residential area, they give you a permit that you place on your window dash. If you park in front of a residential home for too long, without that permit, you get a ticket. Why can’t that be done? Once again, because the city is encouraging patrons and employees of the new hotel to please go right ahead and park your cars on Abbey Street, along with other close adjacent streets. So, does someone at the City of Winters have an idea where I can park so I don’t have to park a block away, or double park while I unload groceries? Your ideas would be appreciated.



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