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A Winters Express Letter to the Editor

I find it amusing that the Yoche Dehe Rancheria and their huge gambling operation are attempting to paint Cannabis farmers as the ruination of Capay Valley’s rural way of life. Let’s consider a few of the impacts of their mega-casino on our communities: -Gambling is a harmful vice. Casinos prey mostly on poor people who are vainly hoping for a big jackpot to solve their problems. They promote gambling addiction and the devastating poverty and family tragedy it fosters along with the inevitable loan sharks and drug dealers who make casinos their milieu. -They have converted hundreds of acres of prime farmland for industrial purposes and a planned large subdivision and golf course. -Since their casino opened there has been constant traffic at all hours and an increase of impaired drivers on our narrow rural roads. -No more starry nights because of Cache Creek Casino and its glaring lights which can be seen for miles. -All of these negative social impacts enrich less than 100 enrolled tribal members of the Yoche Dehe “nation.” -They dole out a small portion of their ill-gained wealth to surrounding towns as a way to silence any opposition to their never ending expansion plans. By comparison, licensed cannabis farms are good neighbors preserving our small town character and rural lifestyle. Don’t be fooled by the greedy gambling interests trying to create a false and misleading narrative. – NOEL MANNERS

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