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Who is doing the writing and editing of the Yesteryear feature? The column states that Charlie picked the photograph, but who picked the historical information for the column? “50 Years Ago – April 8, 1971” Check. “65 Years Ago – April 25, 1936” Wait! That’s 85 years, not 65, a 20 year error. “80 Years Ago – April 25, 1911” Nope, that’s 110 years, not 80, a 30 year error. “115 Years Ago – April 27, 1906” Check, and we’re back on track! GREGORY ALLEN Thank you for pointing that out. I checked with our Publisher Taylor Buley and he took a look. He said it was a character recognition error by the computer, and they were picked by Newt Wallace 15 years ago. Technology is a great tool, until it doesn’t work as intended. – Crystal Apilado, Editor-in-Chief

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