Nearly 42 percent of Winters residents vaccinated, 44 percent countywide

Yolo County public information officer Jenny Tan breaks down COVID vaccination rates by city on Monday morning. Courtesy photo

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Under half of Winters residents have received at least their first dose of a COVID-19 vaccine as of Monday. Davis has the highest percentage of residents who have been vaccinated so far — 57.2 percent of the city’s population. In comparison, just 34.7 percent of West Sacramento residents have received at least one vaccine dose, the lowest rate in the county. Also on the low end are Esparto (31.8 percent) and Clarksburg (39.3 percent). Meanwhile, 44.8 percent of Woodland residents have received at least one vaccine dose, according to county public information officer Jenny Tan. Tan presented a slew of vaccine data during her Monday briefing, including breaking down vaccination rates by race and ethnicity, but with the caveat that 20 percent of county residents who have received a vaccine have declined to state their race or ethnicity, as vaccine registration paperwork allows. “There are many reasons why people choose not to list their race or ethnicity,” Tan said, “such as they don’t identify or see themselves in the options listed; some people may be worried about how this information will impact them; they don’t trust giving that information out; or other reasons. “Since 20 percent of those vaccinated did not give their race or ethnicity, we can’t provide you with an accurate percentage of those vaccinated by race in our county,” she said. However, she did provide some data based on those who did check the race/ethnicity box. Of those county residents who identify as American Indian or Alaska Native, 531 have received at least one vaccine dose, as have 11,337 county residents who identify as Asian and 507 who identify as Native Hawaiian or Pacific Islander. Of those who identify as Black, 1,715 county residents have been vaccinated and of those who identify as Hispanic/Latino, 19,173 have been vaccinated. Some 836 county residents who identify as multi-racial have been vaccinated. Those who identify as white totaled 44,718. Not surprisingly, when broken down by age, the vaccination rate is highest among the oldest county residents, who were among the first groups to became eligible for vaccination months ago. Of those 85 and older, 93 percent have been vaccinated, compared to the lowest age group for which Tan provided had demographic data, the 20 to 24 age group, where 31 percent are vaccinated. Among other age groups:

  • Ages 25 to 29 — 46 percent.
  • Ages 30 to 34 — 48 percent.
  • Ages 35 to 44 — 51 percent.
  • Ages 45 to 54 — 64 percent.
  • Ages 55 to 64 — 69 percent.
  • Ages 65 to 74 — 86 percent.
  • Ages 75 to 84 — 91 percent.

As of April 19, 79 percent of seniors 65 and older countywide have received at least their first dose as have 44.4 percent of all residents (54 percent of those 16 and up).

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