Planning commission approves Starbucks freeway sign

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The Winters Planning Commission on May 25 approved a plan to allow Starbucks to add an advertising sign to the already existing sign pole near I-505 that currently advertises Taco Bell, Burger King and ARCO.

The original sign was approved in 2010. The planning commission also approved another freeway-oriented sign in 2016, along with the remodeled Chevron convenience store, Starbucks and Fairfield Inn, to advertise those businesses. But approval for that second sign lapsed in 2018, according to the agenda documents. 

The sign itself will be placed beneath the Taco Bell sign, according to agenda documents, and be roughly the same size. As a condition of approval, the Winters Starbucks won’t be able to put up another sign near the local portion of I-505 advertising itself unless it removes the approved sign. 

The commission also discussed potentially adding a City of Winters sign on the pole along with the freeway business signs, but they decided it was up to the Winters City Council to decide on that. Kate Laddish said the city decided to not include a sign identifying the city when the sign was originally decided on. 

Consideration of the 2021 Climate Action Plan was listed on the May planning commission agenda, but the commission will instead be taking up consideration of the plan at its June meeting.

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