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On Saturday, May 19, an almost unbelievable event occurred. The Winters Warriors baseball team, coached by Jeff Ingles, won the Northern Section Division IV Championship game. This accomplishment reveals not only a championship accomplishment, but the team and the coaches, representing Winters High school, have created an attitude of success. Winning requires effort. If you visit the Winters High school baseball field, you will see, plainly exhibited in bold letters for all to view, the attitude necessary to excel: “Play Hard or Go Home.” The 2018 Winters High School baseball team won 30 games and lost 1 game, an accomplishment of great spirit and effort. In reviewing the success of Winters High School activities, an astonishing successful attitude exists. The Winters High School Class of 2018 reveals numerous students who are finishing their high school years with grades near or exceeding a 4.0 GPA that has been accumulating over the last four years. Is that easy? No. It is indicative of the many students who have achieved this outstanding accomplishment commencing with the student’s enthusiasm, great teachers, counselors and school board members who, with their dedication, express enthusiasm and the desire that the students in the Winters School District excel and be happy. During the last 50 years or so, a review of enthusiasm for education is evident. There are many Winters High School graduates who now excel as is revealed by their leadership positions, successful businesses, military academy graduates, quality families, etc. The list is extensive. Take time to review and remember those who have attended Winters schools and smile proudly thinking of those who now serve our community, serving by their toil and volunteering to serve and maintain the city and surrounding community. All can stand proudly. As the game concluded and Winters won the championship game 2-1, a bystander in the bleachers from the opposing team was heard to say “What an excellent game. Winters won because of their coaching and team enthusiasm.”  ]]>

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