Sophie Says: Clever thief hits town

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A Winters Express op-ed column

Gramps Says In our peace-loving and secure city, it is unusual to lose something to thievery. An act of chicanery was committed in broad daylight, and the stolen object was within my reach. Furthermore I was wide awake and alert; however, I was detracted by clever divisionary tactics and slight of paw. Customarily, Shirley’s dog Teri drags me or Devin to the Walnut Dog Park in the late afternoon, but with the hot weather forecast we opted for a mid-morning run in the park enclosure. Upon arrival, I released Teri and set the leash and my straw hat on the bench, next to where I sat. No sooner had I settled in, but my serenity was disturbed by the arrival of a large pack of dogs of every size and description. As they were very energetic, it was difficult to get an accurate count. My best efforts placed the number at 16. If you include Teri, there were 17 canines in all. They made a direct bee-line to my bench and commenced getting acquainted. Chance would have it there was a large mud puddle next to the bench through which many of the critters waded before jumping up and putting their feet on my pants and shirt to greet me. Thus the diversionary tactic to which I made reference to. Preparing to introduce myself to the dog handler I reached for my straw hat, only to discover that it was missing. The hat was nowhere to be found and the 16 suspects all feigned innocence. I learned that Elizabeth Barber has been a dog walker for 15 years and that she is located in Davis. She comes to the Walnut Dog Park because the dog park in Davis has foxtails. She picks up and returns the dogs, and she will dog sit for owners who are away on a trip. She had a helper on the day that I was there who picked-up anything the dogs left behind. Should you be interested in Elizabeth’s services she can be reached by telephone at 805-708-1064. Checking on the internet I found many interesting tidbits of information posted by Elizabeth such as dogs are right or left handed, like humans. Nothing about dogs being slight handed. There were many tips about the proper diet for a dog. Elizabeth took a photoshoot of the entire mob and they all posed perfectly as a happy, harmonious and guilt-free group. Sophie Says To find the culprit, I would find out if any one of the mob got indigestion. Perhaps the hat was eaten. Straw hats are not included in a proper diet recommendation posted by Elizabeth. My deductive reasoning and conflict-resolution skills should be taken into account when deciding who should be elected to be the next Mayor.

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