Sophie Says: Confusion in the Gubernatorial Recall Election

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A Winters Express op-ed column

Gramps Says I read where the makers of Dominion Voting Machines filed a 1.3 billion lawsuit against Sidney Powell for defamation. You will recall that Ms. Powell is an attorney who worked with disbarred attorney Rudy Giuliani and she alleged that the presidential election was fraudulent and that the voting machines were rigged. Her defense is, “No reasonable person would believe her allegation as fact.” She is borrowing this defense from one used by well-known news commentator Tucker Carlson. He won his lawsuit for slander using that defense in 2020. It has been my mistaken assumption that reputable news organizations are held accountable for their content; however it appears Mr. Carlson gets off the hook by virtue of his status as a columnist. In the event that you think I might be advocating certain political viewpoints I will also mention that Rachael Maddow, a well-known commentator on a news channel with opposing views, used the “No reasonable person” tactic and won her defense. I do admit to being troubled by the high percentage of our population who are, by the news giants and their defense attorneys own definition, ‘unreasonable.’ Sidney Powell is an attorney and, to my knowledge, is not a commentator on a news network. A panel of jurists will be tasked to determine if she is entitled to the same leeway as Mr. Carlson and Ms. Maddow. Now that we have entered into the troubled waters of politics, let’s navigate our way through the confusion of the California Gubernatorial Recall Election. Contrary to a recent article that I read, voters are also allowed to select a replacement candidate even if they choose to vote ‘no’ on the recall. The paradox of the recall election is that even if the governor receives the most votes, he could lose. For example, there are 22 million registered voters in the state of California. The governor must receive more than half the total votes to stay in office. If we round the numbers off and assume 20 million voters cast a ballot and the governor loses by garnering just 9 million votes, 20 million votes are still available to vote for one of the 46 candidates running against him. Even though most of those votes will probably go to the five or so leading candidates it’s possible that the winner could win by trailing the governor by 4 million or more votes. I readily admit that I am not smart enough to have designed such a brilliant electoral system. Sophie Says Its obvious Gramps reads too much. If he would cut back on his reading he would likewise cut back on his confusion. As for me, I don’t read and I am never confused. Nor do I vote, as I am not eligible to do so. Perhaps a well-placed phone call to The Secretary of State can fix that and one more vote could be found to swing a favorable outcome.

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