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A Winters Express op-ed column

Gramps Says Hint No. 1: As of this writing the Sacramento Kings have won five of their last six games, so if you are a fair weather fan now is the time to jump on board. To make it all the more exciting, De’Aaron Fox, the Kings Point Guard is demonstrating why the Kings signed him up on a paltry $163M five-year contract.

Hint No. 2: If you live in Winters, don’t gift a friend with a GRUBHUB Fastcard unless that friend is happy with a steady diet of Subway sandwiches. We were grateful to have received the Christmas gift from our son and were looking forward to having a special dinner delivered to our front door but could not find a participating restaurant in Winters nor anywhere nearby. Not only that, for someone who grew up with dial phones, the execution of the service is baffling.

Hint No. 3: If you like to make new acquaintances with interesting people, walk your dog in the Walnut Park dog run. In just the last few trips I met Helen with her seven dogs, John who recently moved into town because his house burned down in the wildfires, and another well-spoken gentleman who recently relocated to our city. (I forget his name, an all too frequent experience). Chit chat about the characteristics of the animals usually opens a conversation, and while the dogs are busy getting acquainted, so are their masters and mistresses.

Hint No. 4: If you are 65 years of age or older or are classified as an essential worker, you can now get your COVID shot. Cynthia and I received our first dose the last Saturday of January and we are scheduled for the second dose. The vaccinations were done by appointment at Sutter Health Immunization Clinic (844-967-6115) in Davis. We also received notices from Winters Health Care (530- 795-4377) and from UC Davis Health that vaccinations are available.

Our group was running about an hour behind schedule. Logging in and getting processed took about another hour. I did not feel the needle at all and neither my wife nor I were bothered with any side effects. The Sacrament Bee now reports that the vaccinations will soon be made available through many of the national pharmacies such as Walmart and CVS Pharmacies.

Hint No 5: We decided to have our dining experience sans GRUBHUB. We also wanted to ‘go out’ to eat, which is a rarity these days. The new restaurant Carboni’s, which is located in the Winters Hotel, was our choice. We had never dined there before and we thought Italian food would be a nice change. We ate on a patio which is nestled between three walls of the Hotel and adjacent to a picturesque water fall and pool. With the protection of the hotel and strategically placed heaters and fires we were comfortable. The menu is somewhat abbreviated at this time, but we were very pleased with the flavor and presentation of the food. I commend our server Chandler for her kind attention.

Sophie Says The dog park gets 10 out of 10 possible tail wags per second. Carboni’s rates 9 and GRUBFLUB rates 2. After all, you can still get a Subway.

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