State launches digital COVID-19 vaccine card system

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Californians who misplace their COVID-19 vaccination cards — or don’t wish to carry them around — can get a digital vaccination record from the state now. Launched Friday, the California Digital COVID-19 Vaccine Record provides vaccinated residents with a QR code along with name, date of birth, date of vaccinations and vaccine manufacturer — all of the information contained on the paper cards. The state is urging users to screenshot the information provided and save it on their phones. Obtaining the digital record requires a visit to There residents can enter name, date of birth and an email address or phone number associated with their vaccine records. After creating a four-digit PIN, users receive a link to their vaccine records that will open upon re-entry of the PIN. State officials from the California Department of Public Health and the Department of Technology unveiled the digital vaccine cards at a press briefing on Friday morning. “While CDPH recommends that vaccinated Californians keep their paper (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) card in a safe and secure place, we recognize that some people might prefer an electronic version,” said State Epidemiologist Dr. Erica Pan. “And if one of the state’s nearly 20 million vaccinated Californians misplaces their paper card, the Digital COVID-19 Vaccine Record provides a convenient backup.” State officials said the digital record follows national standards for security and privacy, was built by the state and provides Californians a way to view and save their vaccine record. “We worked with CDPH, tech industry leaders, and consulted with California’s top businesses, service and event purveyors to create a system that works well for all sectors,” said Amy Tong, CIO and Director of the California Department of Technology. “We achieved our goal to quickly produce an intuitive portal that offers Californians another way, and an easier way, to access their own COVID-19 immunization history.” Officials said the state system is similar to the Excelsior pass used by New York. For more information about the Digital COVID-19 Vaccine Record, visit Californians can correct or update their immunization record at

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