Street rehabilitation project begins Sept. 7

Work to add a slurry seal will begin on Tuesday, Sept. 7 and will go on for two days. Streets impacted by the project are indicated by the blue lines. Another paving operation, indicated in red, will be completed later this fall. Courtesy graphic

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An upcoming Street Rehabilitation Project is slated to start after the Labor Day weekend, and information will be delivered to residents as early as Sept. 2.

City Manager Kathleen Salguero Trepa announced this year’s street rehabilitation project is scheduled to begin Sept. 7 in an Aug. 27 City Manager’s Update.

The map from Vintage Paving Company, Inc. indicates Day One work on Abbey Street in Green, and Day Two work on other areas in Pink.
On Sept. 1, the City told the Express that there was a change to the Abbey Street details. Day One plans on Sept. 7 will focus on Abbey Street starting from Dry Creek Lane and ending at Railroad Avenue to avoid early construction next to the hotel. Day Two plans are scheduled to begin on Sept. 8 for the following streets:

  • Second Street (from Grant Avenue to Wolfskill Street).
  • East Abbey Street (from Railroad Avenue to East Street).
  • Dry Creek Lane (from Abbey Street to Cody Street).
  • Cody Lane (from Dry Creek Lane to Main Street).

Rob Nickelson, Vintage Paving Co. Inc. co-owner and Vice President, said the project would last for two days and they would only be working on the slurry seal operations (indicated by the blue line in the graphic). Nickelson confirmed that on Thursday, Sept. 2, door hangers will be placed on all impacted residences and barricades with “No Parking” signs for Sept 7 – 8 will be placed on the streets.

Future project Vintage Paving Co. Inc. is also scheduled to work on a project (indicated by the red line in the graphic) to be completed later this fall. Information in the City Manager Update indicated that work is scheduled from Nov. 1-5 to grind and pave a 2-inch overlay on the following streets:

Russell Street (from Railroad Avenue to Second Street).

East Street (from E. Baker Street to the East Street Pump Station).

Morgan Street (from E. Main Street to Grant Avenue).

Railroad Avenue (from Grant Avenue to Russell Street).

A painting refresher is also schedule on Morgan Street for Nov. 6 to replace the existing striping and to add a center line and bike lanes to both sides of Morgan Street.

*Updated to reflect date specifics by street.

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