That Hometown Taste: The great debate — almond or chocolate, and cookie dough dreaming

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I have a sweet tooth, and sometimes it’s very particular. But there are a few things that will always satisfy a hankering for something sweet, no matter what type of mood I’m in. More often than not, I find myself perusing the shelves at Lester Farms Bakery. From mini pies to the most amazing chocolate chip cookies, they have it all. In high school, I used to go there in the morning to buy sugar or old fashioned doughnuts to slip into a locker as a surprise treat later, or to order a sandwich for lunch. As an adult, I’m debating whether to get a custard-filled Bismark or a flaky, filled croissant. The croissant usually wins, but that brings up another dilemma: having to decide between almond or chocolate. Sometimes if I’m not early enough, the decision is made for me and I have to roll with whatever is left. Other times, however, the choice is between rich chocolate and cream cheese filling or a sweet, nutty almond cream. Both taste amazing when paired with tea or coffee. Both make a fantastic afternoon or a midnight snack. Sometimes I go big and I get both so I can enjoy one today and one tomorrow. A new contender has entered my life in the form of their chocolate cake doughnut. I first read about it on their social media page, but I never seemed to get there in time to get one. After months of trying, I scored big and I snagged the last one in the case. It was dense, rich and delicious. A bite of decadent chocolate cake, but in a doughnut. I did end up having to share it with my three-year-old, though. I thought I could get away with it by getting her a chocolate cupcake. My attempt failed miserably. I should have known better by now. If you have not tried it yet, go early. Set your alarm for before the sun comes up and walk through their door before anyone else gets a chance. Or if you’re like me, just keep trying until luck is on your side. A newfound treat Cookie dough is one of those rare things that tastes delicious both baked and in its raw state. I cannot remember a time when I didn’t try a bite of cookie dough just to make sure it was delicious. Nowadays they say you’re not supposed to eat uncooked dough if it has eggs in it. The CDC warns that consuming uncooked flour and eggs could put you at risk of an E. coli infection, salmonella poisoning or other harmful bacteria. I’ve yet to get sick, but there are options out there now for those who prefer to eat their cookie dough raw and not baked. I’ve tried a healthy version of puréed chickpeas and maple syrup — not the same, but surprisingly tasty. I’ve eyed a place in Davis, but recently discovered that the Farmer’s Closet on Main Street sells little containers of edible cookie dough from Firehouse Cookie Company. I strolled in during the Mother’s Day stroll and discovered the little refrigerator by the front door. It had a variety of flavors to choose from. I opted to grab Birthday Cake (tons of sprinkles), OG Chocolate Chip (exactly how it sounds) and Oreo Dreams (you guessed it if you pictured crushed Oreo cookies). Three types to share with three little girls and my husband. Funny enough, the three littles circled around the Oreo cookie flavor. I thought for sure Birthday Cake would win over at least two of them, but I was wrong. It happens sometimes. I’ll have to venture back to try out some of the other flavors. What local treats are your favorite? Send me your top picks and I’ll try them out.

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