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I’m not a morning person, and I’m at my best after I’ve sipped down some hot Steady Eddy’s Moka Java in a snarky mug of choice for the day. But, plans to go out and have brunch give me the motivation and recklessness to wander out into the public before my morning cup of coffee. The smells of my favorite mornings at home include freshly brewed coffee, warmed corn tortillas and over medium eggs topped with an avocado and dusted with salt and pepper. But freshly baked pancakes or waffles, extraordinary omelets and steak and eggs is enough to help slightly wake my brain up. Putah Creek Cafe has been a long time staple for the breakfast crowd in town. I have memories of early mornings there to grab some breakfast on special occasions with friends before classes started at the high school. My favorite menu items have always been the house baked granola or the fruit salad with yogurt. Other breakfast memories include standing in line at Kountry Kitchen for a breakfast burrito, having a breakfast sandwich or almond croissant from Lester Farms Bakery or huevos rancheros from Tomat’s. I was excited to see updates from both Preserve and Carboni’s Ristorante that they were opening up for brunch on the first weekend in July. Preserve is next on my list to visit. I immediately was drawn to a photo of steak and eggs on their social media accounts (way to do social media right). I appreciate a good hollandaise sauce and that steak and eggs photo looks delicious.  I perused their menu online and already have decided that I also need to try their Finnish pancakes with the added peaches and cream option. If anyone has tried it please let me know if it’s as delicious as it sounds. I did manage to enjoy a quiet, hot meal by myself at Carboni’s. I had planned to bring a book to check out their breakfast, but I forgot my book. Instead, I ordered a cinnamon roll to enjoy with my coffee, and I did enjoy it. The pastry chef at Carboni’s has yet to let me down. This cinnamon roll was unlike any other. I’ve had some cardboard like cinnamon rolls (and baked some as well). But with the first bite of this cinnamon roll I had to stop scrolling through social media to close my eyes and enjoy the burst of cinnamon and sweet flavor.  I imagined the scene from the film “Ratatouille” where Remy the rat is tasting the cheese and strawberry. But with no rodents, and definitely all the imaginary fireworks. I also tried the Benedict on their breakfast menu. Huevos rancheros or eggs Benedict are my two most ordered breakfast items. Their Benedict did not let me down either. The poached eggs were cooked just right. The hollandaise sauce was thick, rich in flavor and just enough to swirl the toasted English muffin and rosemary ham in. I also appreciated that their breakfast potatoes were hearty and not loaded down with too much oil or seasoning. If you’re not excited about breakfast options around town then I have one more for you. Green River Brewing & Taproom is also throwing in their version of brunch into the local breakfast options arena. On July third I headed over to Green River with a small group of friends and family to a tasting experience of their potential breakfast items. Having a bloody mary in the park with my breakfast was a nice change-up to my morning routine. We feasted on a breakfast sandwich, breakfast burrito, omelets and tri tip skillets. And then promptly filled out a little survey to share our thoughts and expectations. I think it’s a great way to get community feedback on a menu. Even my four year old had something to say. I’m not sure when they will be finalizing their menu and officially opening their breakfast to the public, but keep an eye out.

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