Upcoming Winters Theatre Company production changing opening day to May 29

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By Linda Glick Special to the Express The Winters Theatre Company announced the new opening date for their upcoming virtual production of “In the Beginning: A Lighthearted Look at Creation” is rescheduled to start on Saturday, May 29. Members of the Winters Theatre Company have been rehearsing for the upcoming virtual production. Inspiration for this selection comes from America’s beloved novelist and humorist Mark Twain who published a short story entitled “Eve’s Diary” in 1905. Twain whose literary works range from the classic “Adventures of Tom Sawyer” and his masterpiece “The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn” to jumping frogs, medieval kings, river boat pilots, gold miners and many other themes turned his attention to Genesis and the Garden of Eden. He imagines Eve, a very young woman who wakes up one morning to discover herself the first and only woman in Creations Garden with much to learn. She decides to keep a diary of her adventures and misadventures as she deals with the animals and vegetation in the Garden. Eve’s main theme, of course, concerns her relationship with the other occupant of Eden, a man named Adam, whom Eve Finds to be mysterious, fascinating, difficult and domineering. Adam for his part, considers Eve exasperating and annoying. As the plot progresses, the young couples’ feelings about each other progress from mutual dislike to toleration and finally appreciation and love. Twain’s readers did not find “Eve’s Diaries” to contain specific facts of biblical scholarship. Twain was merely having fun and so did Winters Theatre Company’s script writers as they adapted Twain’s story, often using Twain’s words and adding their own original dialogue to create their acting version of “In the Beginning: a Lighthearted Look at Creation”. The show will stream on demand on the Winters Theatre Company website, starting on Saturday, May 29 through Saturday, June 19. Visit the Winters Theatre Company website at www.winterstheatre.org for more information.

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