Update on Winters Cemetery water situation

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Winters Cemetery Special to the Express The Manager and Board of Trustees of the Winters Cemetery is reporting that the pump or well on the cemetery grounds has either failed or the well is not able to replenish itself with water from the underground aquifers. What little water that is available at times will be used to water the trees and shrubs to keep them alive. The visiting public will notice, if they haven’t already, that the grass is getting drier and going into a dormant stage until it can be watered. The Cemetery will be enlisting the services of a pump and well company to help alleviate or remedy the situation. If a new well must be dug, the timeframe for completing this is unknown at this time due to the busy schedules of these companies. When visiting your loved ones, there is a public restroom available, if needed, outside of the new office on the north side of the building. The Cemetery staff asks for patience as they are working to resolve the lack of water on the grounds.  

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