Winters Senior Center funding is coming together, Maguire coming out of retirement

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City Manager Katheleen Salguero Trepa updated the Senior Commission on Aging on the Winters Senior Center funding and construction at a meeting May 12. 

Trepa said the city has received a grant contract for $4.26 million from the California Department of Housing and Community Development. She said that as soon as a state representative signs the grant and the city receives the authorized agreement, the city will be authorized to proceed with the construction work eligible under the grant. 

That $4.26 million amount, Trepa said, is more than expected, as there was program income that added $760,000 to the original $3.5 million grant. 

Trepa also announced that Daniel Maguire, the city’s former economic and development program manager, has come out of retirement to work for a limited duration on special projects, including the senior center. Maguire, Trepa said, is taking over as project lead on building the senior center. 

The city is preparing to finalize plans for the senior center and specifics to prepare to send a bid package out, Trepa said. She added that plans are being updated to include a generator the city is receiving grant funding to install, and that she hopes all that can be accomplished within the next few months. 

Trepa also talked about a $350,000 Community Development Block Grant application that the city approved early this month. The purpose of the funds, if they’re received, is to fund a part time staff person devoted to senior services and helping coordinate senior center activities, Trepa said. (The grant funds for building the senior center can only be used for construction.)

Trepa added that the city will probably know by around September this year if the grant funding is approved, and then the city will have to wait for the contract cycle. She added that she hopes that if the city’s budget conditions improve the city will be able to fund a full time position for senior services at the senior center with the city’s general fund. 

“Our hope is that if our budget conditions improve we’ll be able to fund with the general fund the other half of that position so we can hire a full time person,” Trepa said. “Then we can have a professional recreation staff person here who can coordinate senior center activities that would be grant funded plus take on the other recreation funding that the city currently does.”

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