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A total of 82 cars of apricots have left Winters packing sheds for eastern markets, up to an including last night’s shipments. Of this number, 76 were freight cars and six were express.

In addition to the train cars, hundreds of trucks of the fruit have been loaded here.

The peak date for rail shipment was May 30 when 11 cars left for eastern markets. Packing operations are tapering off and most of the shipping operations will wind up this weekend.

As far as could be determined, no cannery offer has been made.

A strike in the local packing sheds was averted the week as members of Local 78, CIO, United Packing House Workers, voted Tuesday morning to accept an offer of five cents an hour increase in pay. Union members voted Monday night to strike unless their demands were met, but voted to accept the offer made by shippers the following morning.

Prices remained stable on the eastern markets over the weekend. A Chicago car averaged $4.37 per box with a range from $3.15 to $6.25. That same day 3 cars in New York brought an average of $5.09.

Averages for Monday’s fruit auctions were Chicago, $4.96; New York, $6.56; Philadelphia, $5.22; and Pittsburg, $4.94.

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