WHS student creates floral arrangements for an entire wedding as Capstone

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Winters High School senior Camryn Hamilton received hands-on, real life career experience when she took on the task of creating floral arrangements for a client’s wedding as her Senior Capstone project this year. As a second year floriculture student Hamilton said Kayla Roberts, WHS Agriculture Teacher, approached her with the opportunity. In August she consulted with the bride about her flower needs. “I really love floral class but I never thought I would get a senior project out of it,” said Hamilton. “I’m really glad that was my project.” With guidance from Roberts, Hamilton said she had to create centerpieces using wooden boxes and glasses from the bride and utilize the wedding color scheme. She said the centerpieces were a main part of the project and took the most time to craft. In addition to the 14 table centerpieces Hamilton also had to design and create all of the flowers in the wedding which included the bride’s bouquet, four bride’s party bouquets, seven boutonnieres and an archway piece. While Hamilton was familiar with all of the flowers being used in the arrangements, she faced a time crunch as they had to be assembled the day before so the flowers wouldn’t expire before the wedding. It took Hamilton 12 hours the day before the wedding to craft all of the arrangements She said she spent additional time outside of flower creation to head to Dixon to set the arrangements up and deliver the bouquets and boutonnieres. “I realized how much time it would take, but I didn’t realize how many hours of flowers. It was flowers for a solid 12 hours,” said Hamilton. “Hundreds of flowers went into it. We got about five boxes filled with flowers.” Hamilton was able to utilize her peers in her floriculture program to help craft flower arrangements. Roberts said Hamilton learned skills on how to delegate some of the arrangement tasks to her floral classmates and would then go back in to adjustments to placement and make fixes here and there to ensure a quality product for her client. “A lot of people don’t realize how much time you need to plan out your design,” said Roberts. “With flowers you have to do things the night before or morning of. It’s not the same as a metal or wood project you can do months ahead.” Hamilton is used to doing one arraignment in class for floral subscriptions and other projects, but fulfilling this project upped her real life experience in floral arrangements to a new level. “It’s a big deal. It’s for someone’s wedding. It will be in all their photos. Everyone is looking at it,” said Hamilton. “Sometimes I see some arrangements and I think, ‘they should fix that.’ I understand how their made. Or I’ll look at another and think, “that’s a good idea,” and appreciate how much time it took to make it.” Besides gaining experience in crafting product for a client, Hamilton also gained experience in working with a client and cost analysis. “She had to price out each arrangement and learn about labor cost,” said Roberts. “She had to have some sit-downs with the bride and the bride’s family to determine her wishes and her vision. Then she had to determine what flowers to use based on the client’s budget.” Hamilton said this was her first time working directly with a client and the first project that would highlight her name on a floral project. She said she received a lot of compliments on her work, but she really enjoyed seeing the bride’s face when she saw the final product. She has assisted Roberts with a few weddings projects and feels a floral business could be a realistic side gig in the future. “I could see myself as doing a side floral business,” said Hamilton. Hamilton said she learned some important skills, but learning to talk to people and learning how to plan ahead were vital lessons she’s walked away with. To her peers and future students she advises them to choose a Capstone project that is meaningful to them. “Make sure it’s something you really like,” said Hamilton. “I was passionate about my project. I was excited to do it. Everything was really exciting about it to me.” [caption id="attachment_761106" align="aligncenter" width="768"] Courtesy photo
Winters High School senior Camryn Hamilton crafted all flower arrangements for a wedding as her Capstone project this fall.[/caption]]]>

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